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RingCentral Received 2023 Employee Experience Award (EXAwards® ) for Best Leadership Experience


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On September 8, 2023, the Employee Experience Institute (EXInstitute®) and HRTech jointly hosted the 2023 Employee Experience Awards (EXAwards®) ceremony in Shenzhen. This grand event, following rigorous professional evaluation, employee experience assessments, case submissions, and comprehensive reviews, unveiled the list of winners for the 2023 Employee Experience Awards. Among the fierce competition, RingCentral China stood out with its outstanding leadership experience, earning the prestigious Best Leadership Experience Award.

(2023 Employee Experience Awards Ceremony)

As the company actively engages in building a better working environment and enhancing employee satisfaction, the role of leadership is indispensable. RingCentral China has made significant strides in leadership experience, promoting a culture of equality, respect, and collaboration. This not only fosters a positive working atmosphere among employees but also lays a solid foundation for the company’s sustainable development.

Winning the EXAwards® Best Leadership Experience Award this time fully demonstrates RingCentral’s outstanding achievements in leadership development, team cohesion, and employee growth. The organizing committee commented, “RingCentral’s leadership team has always led by example. They advocate open communication, a spirit of sharing, and a culture of mutual support, creating a positive platform for learning and growth for employees. Whether it’s flexible office arrangements, employee training and development, organizing hackathon coding competitions, establishing internal technical journals, or regularly holding face-to-face meetings with leaders and participating in ESG public welfare projects, RingCentral is fully committed to promoting employee career development, fostering a culture of learning, and valuing social responsibility to shape the best and comprehensive employee experience.”

(RingCentral Receives Best Leadership Experience Award)

 “We take immense pride and honor in receiving this award, as it fuels our resolve to continually enhance leadership experiences and provide our employees with a superior work environment.” said Marc Chan, RingCentral Global Vice President and General Manager of China. “As we move forward, RingCentral will persist in upholding the principles of outstanding leadership, further optimizing leadership experiences, and affording our employees greater avenues for professional growth. This accolade serves as a testament to our pursuit of excellence in the realm of employee experience.”

(General Manager of RingCentral China, Marc Chan, at the event)

About the Employee Experience Awards (EXAwards®)

The Employee Experience Awards (EXAwards®) are initiated and organized by the Employee Experience Institute (EXInstitute). It is a professional recognition event held continuously to celebrate organizations and teams that have excelled in employee experience practices and innovations. These organizations have taken measures to create exceptional employee experiences and have demonstrated outstanding performance. They are dedicated to enhancing human resources’ digital transformation to improve the overall employee experience. Through this selection process, we aim to discover exceptional teams, companies, initiatives, products, or services that focus on and enhance employee experiences at different stages of the employee lifecycle, creating key moments and peak experiences for employees.

About the Employee Experience Institute (EXInstitute®)

The Employee Experience Institute (EXInstitute®) is committed to connecting global wisdom and inspiration to promote the further implementation of employee experiences within organizations and enhance organizational performance. The EXInstitute® serves organizations by offering research, assessments, indices, publications, consulting, training, conferences, recognition, and certification services. It brings together China’s most outstanding employee experience experts and consultants on an open platform to provide practical support for organizations.

Originally published Sep 11, 2023

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