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RingCentral China Hackathon 2023 brings together top talent

Innovation knows no bounds


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  • The China Hackathon 2023 finale was May 9.
  • A record-breaking 44 teams and 200 participants competed in our largest innovation contest to date

As technology advances at an ever-increasing rate, it has become crucial to collaborate and explore the latest innovations shaping our world. At RingCentral,  we maintain a strong focus on innovation, recognizing the potential of our employees and encouraging them to stay on the cutting edge. That’s why we are thrilled to sponsor RingCentral China Hackathon 2023.

No boundaries: unlock the imagination

Unlike in previous years, this year’s hackathon had no specific challenge statement, giving participants complete freedom to create and explore without constraints. The idea was to inspire participants to think bigger, push boundaries, and unlock their full potential. The contest kicked off with just one condition: the best innovation wins.

Record-breaking participation

We received an overwhelming response to this year’s competition, with a record 44 teams and over 200 participants registering for the qualifier on April 26th. To accommodate the growing number of participants, we set up exclusive venues in our Xiamen and Hangzhou offices and also encouraged online participants to join remotely. Following a rigorous round of judging, 14 teams qualified for the finals, showcasing their visionary, inventive, and inspiring ideas. Teams developed projects in several areas including AI, webinars, audio, and multimedia.

Expert jury panel.

In order to choose the best innovation, we selected a diverse jury, including development, testing, product, and design departments from the U.S. and China management teams. RingCentral’s Chief Development Officer Dan Deklich (also one of the hackathon judges) sent encouragement to everyone before the competition: “I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone creates. Let’s go and do cool things!”

Coding Party: Innovate as One

To empower the finalists in their pursuit of innovation, a coding party was held on May 6th for fine-tuning presentations. A dedicated “Coach Team” was on-hand throughout the day, offering valuable guidance and support, as teams transformed their groundbreaking concepts into functional prototypes. By organizing such an event, RingCentral demonstrated the commitment to supporting the finalists and fostering a collaborative environment that nurtures innovation and growth.

Participation for all, sharing the victory

For this year’s competition, we opened the qualifier and final rounds to the whole RingCentral China office and broadcast them via webinar, achieving nearly 100% participation. In addition to the Hackathon, we held a quiz during the final, inviting employees to guess which team would be crowned champion.

Innovating together, winning as one.

On May 9th, the 14 finalist teams showcased their exceptional and groundbreaking ideas. The judges were impressed by how quickly and effectively they transformed their creativity into tangible prototypes. Although each team had its own unique strengths, there could only be one champion who excelled in business value, innovation, technical implementation, user experience, and presentation. This year’s Hackathon champion, winning for outstanding innovation, was the team of Mario Lin, Ping Wei, Hylon Chen, and Louis Chen with their product “Bob,” the video conferencing AI robot. Marc Chan, Vice President and General Manager of RingCentral Greater China, congratulated the winners and presented them with the grand prize.

Collaborating for a brighter future.

 Everyone has the potential to drive technological advancements and advocate for innovation. The Hackathon not only celebrates AI technology but also fosters our passion for technology. Together, we will venture into uncharted territories, break through boundaries, and relentlessly pursue new possibilities for innovation. Let’s collaborate and create a brighter future. At RingCentral, we innovate together, and “Win as One!”

Originally published May 15, 2023

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