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Rewarding balance: people-first approach finds fans in China


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  • InfoQ China is a highly influential tech event for developers
  • RingCentral makes InfoQ’s Top Ten list for Best Companies/Employee Well-Being

Putting in crazy hours is not an unfamiliar practice in technology – we’ve all had to grind to finish a project, make a deadline or out-hustle a competitor. In China, there’s even a colloquialism for it – “996,” referring to working 9AM-9PM, six days a week. But wherever you happen to work, at some point, the returns you get for cranking non-stop begin to diminish. People get burned-out. Quality suffers. Talent moves on. That’s been the thinking behind RingCentral’s focus on work/life balance around the world – but it’s particularly novel, and particularly appreciated, in China. Companies in China – even U.S. based ones simply don’t do what we do – put people first. 

Work from everywhere

How do you quantify something as subjective as “happiness?” Maybe you don’t. Maybe you listen to your employees, look at your own technology, and think, “there’s a better way to get better work done.” By putting our own platform to work, RingCentral is able to provide unconventional work options, without negatively impacting productivity. 

Word gets around

InfoQ Live events are known and trusted industry-wide for their practical, results-first approach. Far from the typical “talking-heads-with-prepared-speeches” affair, InfoQ events feature technical sessions, Q&As and roundtables designed to help teams get the knowledge they need to move projects forward. So it’s particularly gratifying to see our China team named one of InfoQ’s Top Ten Best Companies for Employee Well-Being

The people speak

This selection put RingCentral up against some of technology’s heaviest hitters, including Tencent, ByteDance (makers of TikTok,) and Dell, among others. Companies were rated on hiring scales, employee engagement, compensation-and-benefits, career development and overall attractiveness on the talent market. Even more impressive, winners were chosen based on 50% judges’ rankings, and 50% public voting – with more than 19,000 votes received. RingCentral puts culture ahead of everything because people are the key to our success. We work every day to create the conditions our people need to be their best. Are we done building a better way to work? Not even close. But it sure is nice to hear we’re doing something right. 


Originally published May 12, 2021, updated Dec 30, 2022

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