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Seeing the Light: Solar Energy Company Sungevity Innovates with RingCentral in Pursuit of “Insane Customer Service”


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sungevity Within the next five years, solar energy will be the lowest cost form of electricity for U.S. single family suburban homes. This is thanks in large part to one of RingCentral’s newest customers, Oakland, CA-based Sungevity, Inc. Sungevity is a fast-growing technology-led business known for software innovations that make going solar easier and more cost effective, and we’re pleased to announce today that they have selected RingCentral as their unified communications cloud solution. Sungevity’s mission to make customer service better through more efficient technology strikes a chord with us – and they felt the same way when they looked at our platform and saw the projected efficiencies – including 50 percent in cost savings from moving their business communications to RingCentral.

Founded in 2007, Sungevity uses its proprietary Remote Solar Design (RSD) tool to offer online or over the phone quote and system design options. With a goal of “building the world’s biggest network of energized customers that power their lives with sunshine,” Sungevity now can expand rapidly without worrying about its business communications keeping pace. One of the most important features in their selection was RingCentral’s tight integration with Salesforce® – with “one of the best Computer-to-Telephony (CTI) adapters in the market” that Sungevity has seen.

Sungevity also noted that being able to make calls directly from within Salesforce through RingCentral was an important factor in its decision. Employees can place calls from within Salesforce by simply clicking on contact or account records. Incoming calls trigger a pop-up window with the caller’s account information, allowing users to log notes during or after a call, and accurately capture call durations and other contact details.

“Our implementation of RingCentral was a very rapid and exceptionally smooth process,” said Steve Atherton, chief technology officer and vice president of software engineering, Sungevity, Inc. “RingCentral’s architecture and open platform makes for a seamless integration with our existing business process and our leading software platform. In addition, using RingCentral will reduce our communication costs by nearly 50 percent.”

This is high praise from a company that has based its business model on seamless implementations and “insane customer service” through a sophisticated technology platform and the use of cloud technology.

We can’t wait to see how Sungevity continues to grow and look forward to playing a part in its continued success.

View the complete press release here.

Originally published Nov 15, 2016, updated Dec 30, 2022

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