RingCentral Helps this Senior-Living Community Continue to Provide Outstanding Care During COVID-19


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When you hear the term senior living community, you probably don’t think about partnerships with high-tech firms’ pilot programs for new artificial-intelligence technologies. But Carlton Senior Living isn’t like most companies providing assisted living, memory care, dementia care, and other services for senior residents.

Part of the organization’s connection to technology is due to its location. Carlton Senior Living’s headquarters, and the eleven communities it operates, are all near the Silicon Valley area. But the company’s interest in experimenting with new tech comes from its decades-long mission to increase the quality of life for seniors everywhere.

Continuing to serve residents during the pandemic

After realizing that being able to take and make business calls from any device could benefit its own operations, Carlton Senior Living set up its entire staff with RingCentral accounts and gave them company-issued mobile phones. Although they had no idea at the time, the decision to switch to RingCentral would make a big difference as the coronavirus spread.

Carlton Senior Living is considered an essential business during COVID-19, so the staff who run its communities are still going to work. But those at the company’s headquarters who are able to work from home during this time are encouraged to do so. That includes Receptionist Eunice Claudio.

“One thing that’s been really valuable for us during this coronavirus situation,” explains Taren, “is that even though Eunice is working from home, she is still able to take calls, answer questions, and transfer callers just as if she’s at the front desk. Without RingCentral, I don’t think that would’ve been possible.”

Using RingCentral—and some creative thinking—to pass the time

To maintain a sense of community for its residents—who are spending most of their time in their rooms due to the shelter-in-place guidelines—Carlton Senior Living is using RingCentral to hold regular audio conferences where staff and residents can chat and share updates or even lead engaging activities.

“We’re holding what we call town hall meetings, resident council meetings, where everyone can call in and we can open up communication,” says Dave. “One of our communities even started doing what they call Ringo—that’s Bingo over a conference call using RingCentral.”

The company is even planning to use RingCentral’s built-in video conferencing service, RingCentral Meetings, as a new way to help residents set up face-to-face chats during the quarantine. “We’re thinking about using this service as another way to help members of our community have video calls with family or friends.”

Originally published May 20, 2020, updated Dec 30, 2022

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