3 RingCentral for Desktop Hacks That Turn You into a Hero


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An employee reading an email, using the advanced communications features of RingCentral for desktop

You probably already know about many of the great advanced communications features that RingCentral brings to your business phone system. But did you know that with RingCentral for Desktop, your computer is also transformed into a complete communications solution? Here are our favorite features that will help you work smarter and turn you into a communications hero.

1) Business SMS

As technology has allowed us to work from anywhere, it has also raised the expectation that people are reachable at any time via phone or email. Increasingly, text messaging is also being used for work-related communication, both between colleagues and with clients. But sending text messages from personal devices can come across as less professional, and it also requires you to reveal your personal contact information

With RingCentral Business SMS, you can send messages from your business number, without exposing your personal contact info. RingCentral for Desktop makes SMS even more convenient, because you can use your desktop to send and receive messages. This allows you to respond quicker as you don’t need to switch devices, and you can easily communicate more details with the use of a full keyboard, as well as access to all the documents and information on your computer. Using Business SMS via RingCentral for Desktop saves time, improves communication, and maintains a professional image by using your business number.

2) Call flip

We’ve all been on an important call when it’s time to dash out the door to a meeting. With Call flip, you can switch an in-progress call to your mobile device (or any of the extensions in your RingCentral account). You’ll never have to waste a client’s time by hanging up and calling back.

To flip a call from RingCentral for Desktop, simply click the Flip button and select from your list of extensions. The process is completely seamless to whoever is on the other end of the line, and you can continue your conversation immediately without interruption.

3) Text-to-speech reply

When you’re on a call and another call comes in, you can either pick up the new call or send it to voicemail. RingCentral for Desktop adds another option: sending a text-to-speech reply. If you can’t pick up, RingCentral for Desktop lets you send a customized response to the caller, which they then hear as a spoken message. Instead of your caller leaving a message that you’ll have to listen to later, text-to-speech reply lets you communicate quickly with a second caller.

Choose from preconfigured options to let the caller know when you’ll be able to call them back, ask them to try you again later, or let them know you are “on the way.” Or you can type a message to your caller—perfect for situations when you know why someone is calling. Using text-to-speech replies, you can quickly let a caller know you received their documents or are working on a solution to their problem, for example.

Text-to-speech even allows callers to respond to your message. After they hear your reply, voice prompts allow the caller to send back a quick “Yes,” “No,” or “Urgent, please call immediately” message that pops up in RingCentral for Desktop.

RingCentral for Desktop puts an advanced business communications system in your computer. Integrate these three features into your workflow and become a phone hero.

Originally published Dec 21, 2016, updated Jul 11, 2021

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