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RingCentral disrupts CX and Events with AI advancements


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Every company hears that its future hinges on the transformative power of AI technology. But, in the here and now, how will those AI capabilities help you? We set a high bar for applying AI in our products, believing the technology must improve everyone’s experience. Earlier this week, we announced the general availability of two new AI-powered communication solutions, striving for unprecedented efficiency and engagement.

Meet RingCX™, an AI-first contact center with new capabilities powered by RingSense™. Combining AI, omnichannel contact center, and RingEX unified communications, RingCX transforms customer journeys across multiple channels for personalized experiences.

And meet RingCentral Events™, an all-in-one solution for virtual, onsite, and hybrid event needs. Formerly Hopin Events, RingCentral Events is designed to be immersive and personalized, enabling businesses to provide engaging experiences that take events to a higher level.

Driving a richer and intelligent omnichannel customer service experience

In the rapidly evolving contact center market, customers expect the organizations they work with to satisfy their rising expectations for more personalized and efficient service. Customers want excellent service on whichever communication channel suits them best. As the Unified Communications and Contact Center markets converge, we saw the need for an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy contact center that leverages the power of AI to create a total omnichannel experience for customers, users, agents, and supervisors across voice, video, social media, SMS, email and more. 

Not all AI capabilities are immediately apparent to customers. We know that organizations can improve CX continuously by making quality management adjustments on the fly. Previously, companies hired data scientists and tasked programmers with evaluating data and determining the path to better customer outcomes. A productive solution must simplify quality management by measuring each call and scoring it—on autopilot. Intelligent features like these enable a modern CX platform to democratize a complex and costly process, enabling organizations to improve outcomes and make data-driven business decisions.

Contact center service teams tap AI to make more productive use of their most important assets. They’re looking for agent insights from prior customer conversations from a single pane of glass, helping improve customer service and agent effectiveness. Conversational analytics, sentiment analysis and AI coaching can help service and sales teams dramatically improve interactions and outcomes. During interactions, agents want automatic, real-time AI-crafted summaries of the interaction. Offloading this time-intensive task can help agents significantly improve their After Call experience—where many spend up to 25-30% of their time. 

Creating a personalized events experience

In recent years, virtual events gained traction when meeting in person was not an option. And while virtual events quickly established their value, no one ever said that event tools couldn’t stand more personalization and optimization. AI-driven features will improve the experience for event producers and attendees going forward. 

A modern events platform must scale and include robust features enabling organizations to host virtual, hybrid, and onsite events of various sizes and formats, including conferences, kickoffs, summits and training programs. But what moves the needle for producers and attendees are powerful and customizable experiences —so attendees are more engaged and brands can build a sticky customer base. 

Producers want stunning custom-branded event pages in minutes, not hours—with no coding experience needed. They want templates with fully customizable and modular blocks to showcase agendas, speakers, sponsors, and content beautifully. Soon, events teams will utilize AI-powered editors that automatically generate bite-sized social media video content to help simplify post-event marketing. Generative AI will enable events teams to create engaging content, from snappy titles and descriptions to email templates and schedules, in seconds. 

AI will keep improving experiences

With RingCX and RingCentral Events, we’re pioneering the future of AI-first communications. Our vision is to infuse AI capabilities into all communication modalities. Some AI-driven enhancements are more impactful than others, but each aims to move the needle toward a more productive, engaging, and successful user experience. 

Originally published Nov 16, 2023, updated Apr 02, 2024

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