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RingCentral celebrates our spirit

A week of globally-inspired activities educates and entertains.


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  • October 24-28 our employees celebrated Spirit Week
  • This year’s theme “Globally Stronger Together” was inspired by various international holidays and our hybrid approach to work

We spent last week (October 24-28) participating in various holiday-inspired activities and crafts while enjoying cuisine that celebrated our diverse global community. Offices around the world participated in their own unique ways. Here’s a recap!

Happy Diwali! (India)

The traditional Hindu Festival of Lights was the first theme of Spirit Week! Monday kicked off with a Diwali Celebration where participants could make a Diwali Lantern to celebrate health and wealth. We used a Diwali virtual background for meetings, enjoyed Indian cuisine for lunch, and got henna tattoos. 

Year of the Tiger. (China)

Tuesday we celebrated the Year of the Tiger! Participants found their Zodiac signs and learned about their strengths, weaknesses and compatibility. There were fiercely competitive table-tennis/ping-pong competitions  across our U.S. offices. And we enjoyed traditional Chinese cuisine for lunch.

“Today was an absolute blast! I love ping pong. HUGE shout out to EE for organizing.”

Happy Oktoberfest! (EMEA)

Our Oktoberfest celebration featured a virtual London tour capped off with traditional German fare, appetizers, drinks and Bingo (little known fact: Bingo was first played in Italy) ! 

Tis’ Spooky Season. (North America)

No Spirit Week would be complete without a costume contest and our employees did not disappoint! Our Denver office went all out with a live and virtual House Party and American meal. 

“Loved having the Henna tattoos. The artist was super talented, and the tattoos were gorgeous!”

Filipino Fun Friday. (Philippines)

Our Manila office hosted a concert on Friday and enjoyed Filipino food. HELLO-RingCentral Friendship Alliance encouraged new members to join. HELLO hopes to foster new friendships at RingCentral by matching individuals one-on-one with a co-worker providing the chance to meet a new person each month by making connections, engaging in conversations and sharing about yourself.

Globally Stronger Together! That’s the Spirit!

In honoring international cultural holidays, this year’s Spirit Week gave us a chance to learn together, laugh together and celebrate our diverse community. At RingCentral we love to celebrate what’s unique and different about our employees while embracing the knowledge that we’re “Globally Stronger Together.”

“Need to make this once a quarter, regular event.”

Originally published Oct 31, 2022

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