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Dinner with the Rodriguez's | A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage

Celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with Yvette Rodriguez who won RingCentral’s employee recipe contest with her grandmother’s famous Chile Verde.


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  • Celebrating cultural heritage with family recipes that have been passed down for generations.
  • Cooking family recipes connects us to our heritage. 

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 through October 15), RingCentral hosted a family recipe contest for employees to share the dishes  they love and that have been passed down for generations. Yvette Rodriguez, Sr. Manager of Marketing Automation, won the recipe contest with her grandmother’s signature Chile Verde, a dish Yvette grew up enjoying and still makes to this day. 

Yvette’s grandmother ran a small restaurant from her home in Mexico where she made a variety of dishes for the residents in her town. Her grandmother’s famous Chile Verde has filled the bellies and touched the hearts of her 11 children and many grandchildren, including Yvette, who reflects, “I stay connected to my family through the food that I eat.” 

Food brings people together. 

Yvette shares how impactful her grandmother’s cooking was for her community and family. 

Growing up, my mom and grandma would make traditional Mexican cuisine. A lot of different sauces, salsas, and rice and beans. My grandmother was known for her cooking and for bringing people together.

Connecting to heritage through food. 

For Yvette, making her grandmother’s Chile Verde is an opportunity to connect to her lineage. 

I learned how to make Chile Verde from my mom who learned how to make the dish from her mother (my grandmother). To me, food is like a hug from my mom. Especially when I make a meal that she made me when I was growing up. Cooking is a way for me to connect with my mother, my grandmother, and with all of the women who came before us.”

Warm meals, warm memories.  

Yvette reflected that when she is cooking Chile Verde, she is able to relive memories she shared with her grandmother. 

My grandmother is the glue that keeps us together. We keep her memory alive through the recipes that she’s passed down. When I make Chile Verde, I relive the moments that I shared with my grandmother.” 

Sharing cultural traditions through RingCentral’s Hispanic Resource Group.

RingCentral is hosting ‘Sunday Dinner’ featuring Yvette’s Chile Verde. Join Yvette as she celebrates her grandmother through the recipes she passed down. RingCentral’s Hispanic Resource Group, HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Achievement), is a space for Yvette and all our employees to listen, share and connect on the experiences that make us all unique. Where we all belong.

Through the Hispanic Resource Group at RingCentral, I am proud to share a piece of my heritage with my friends, co-workers, and you.” 

Originally published Oct 20, 2022

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