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Stronger Together: RingCentral embraces hybrid moments

RingCentral’s Stronger Together ethos highlights the value of collaborating in hybrid ways.


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  • RingCentral’s Stronger Together initiative is more than just a slogan, it embodies the company’s approach to culture and  hybrid work for employees based in the United States.
  • Hybrid work enables employees flexibility and the opportunity to be together. 

The Power of Connection 

If there is one thing we have all learned over the past few years, there are some aspects of work that are most effectively done in-person. We all use our MVP platform to work, quite literally, from anywhere, but with our Stronger Together initiative  RingCentral is making that important transition to hybrid work, a combination of working off-site and coming together in one of our office locations. Stronger Together highlights the value of hybrid work, collaborating with one another, and also connecting IRL (In Real Life).

Nothing can replace being in-person,” said Sarah Fricke, Sr. Director of Global Sales Enablement and Revenue Growth, who shared her enthusiasm to return to the office through hybrid work. “To me, coming back to the office is about finding moments to reconnect with each other.”

The Value of Working Together

Sarah is in good company; many RingCentral employees are also excited to have the opportunity to be with one another again. 

I am really pumped to see the frowns get turned upside down and for people to understand the reason why it makes sense for us to come back together, to work as one, to be stronger together,” said Zach Cohn, Sales Mgr. SMB Partner Sales.

Jeff Boggess, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, summarizes the hybrid situation perfectly, 

I am a big proponent of collaboration, and I know we make some great tools to collaborate virtually, but sometimes there is nothing like in-person communication.” 

Hybrid Work = Flexibility

Hybrid work allows for flexibility, convenience, and freedom. While working from home (or anywhere) has many benefits, hybrid work enables people to also work together at the office and enjoy the many benefits of face-to-face collaboration. 

We believe our Stronger Together approach helps us fully embrace hybrid work.  It fosters the right culture and work environment that supports flexibility and work from anywhere while also helping to shape a workplace that puts the power of human connection at the heart of everything and some of the joy back into work!     

Hybrid work means that there are days each week where you’ll be working from home, or you could be working from a van, or working from the beach, or frankly wherever you happen to be. And there will be other days where you’ll be working in the office,” says Mo Katibeh, President and Chief Operating Officer. 

Christopher DeLeon, Contact Center Solutions Engineer, reinforces how hybrid work gives him the flexibility to take care of his family whenever necessary. “If there is a day I need to work from home and take care of my daughter or take her to school, I have that flexibility.” 

The way we see it, hybrid work offers the best of both worlds; the flexibility to work off-site and the opportunity to work in-person, collaborate, and connect with your work friends and colleagues. 

Staying Ahead of the Changing Nature of Work

As a provider of cloud communications and collaboration, it’s essentially in our DNA to stay ahead of the changing nature of work. Our product reflects the changes happening and we are constantly staying ahead of market trends.  Here are a few examples: 

Work is increasingly global: We’ve addressed this by making MVP available in 45 countries, IVN (International Virtual Numbers) in 100 countries. Localized in 18 languages.

Work is increasingly mobile: We’re mobile-first. Our solution has always been about enabling a mobile, work-from-anywhere experience. We have an amazing mobile first innovation mind-set which means we don’t design for the desktop or browser first. We start with mobile. 

Work is increasingly hybrid: If we look back at all that we’ve been through, and how businesses survived the pandemic, the great resignation, then post-pandemic … and now embracing hybrid – we’ve been there along the way and made it easy for businesses to make these transitions. A big part of that is because from the very beginning, we enabled the hybrid workplace before there was such thing as hybrid work. 

I would say that’s a good example of staying ahead of the changing nature of work. So by adopting our hybrid approach to work – we essentially eat our own dog food and develop our products to be the best possible – #StrongerTogether.

Originally published Oct 28, 2022

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