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RingCentral China is recognized as one of the Best Workplaces in Asia 2022

RingCentral China is recognized as one of the Best Workplaces in Asia™ 2022 among large enterprises. We’re No.18 on the Large Enterprise’s list.


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This list is selected from all Best Workplaces lists and employee survey results by Great Place to Work®, assessing employee experiences of trust, innovation, company values, and leadership. Companies are also evaluated on how well they are creating a For All™ workplace experience, inclusive of all employees no matter who they are or what they do.

Great Place to Work® identifies Best Workplaces in Asia™ by surveying over 1 million employees in Asia and the Middle East. To be considered, companies must first be identified as outstanding in their local region by appearing on one or more of the Best Workplaces lists during 2021 or early 2022.  RingCentral China was certified as a Great Place to Work in September of 2021 and later in December was recognized as one of theBest Workplaces in Greater China™ 2021.

The employee experience of companies listed on Best Workplaces in Asia™ is well above the global average. According to data published by Great Place to Work®, an average of 88% of employees at companies listed on the Best Places to Work in Asia™ report have a positive employee experience, compared to 55% of the average global workforce that have a positive experience. 

Marc Chan, Global Vice President & General Manager of RingCentral China said: “Thanks for Great Place to Work® giving RigCentral such recognition again. From receiving the certification of Best Workplace in China, Best Workplace in Greater China to becoming one of the Best Workplaces in Asia, talent management has always been at the core of our business development. I am grateful to all my colleagues who have kept contributing to the company along the way, helping us overcome difficulties and grab opportunities to grow, and thus achieving excellence. This honor belongs to everyone.”

Website: Best Workplaces in Asia™ 2022  

Originally published Oct 19, 2022, updated Oct 20, 2022

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