Optimum Healthcare Uses Cloud to Connect Dispersed Workforce

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optimum RingCentral customer, Optimum Healthcare Solutions Group, was founded in 2003 and provides a wide range of medical and health services for both the individual and larger corporation. The company has grown rapidly into a one-stop-shop that provides full assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and performance continuum for all of its patients. Today, Optimum Healthcare has 32 employees located across 24 clinics, spanning seven counties in the UK.

Life for Optimum Healthcare before RingCentral

Before RingCentral, Optimum Healthcare was receiving upwards of 500 inbound and outbound calls a day. The legacy IPEC 50 phone system the company was using could not cope with only four lines, which meant that customers were kept on hold for much longer than they needed to be. Optimum Healthcare thrives on KPIs, and these couldn’t be achieved because of the time it was taking to answer calls. However, getting more ISDN lines installed would have cost three to four times as much as Optimum Healthcare was already paying, and this just wasn’t a viable solution for them. The company needed to find an alternative solution.

Why Optimum Healthcare chose RingCentral

Optimum Healthcare chose RingCentral for several reasons, but some of the key factors included the below:

How RingCentral has empowered Optimum Healthcare’s business

Importantly, RingCentral has helped the Optimum Healthcare Solutions Group Founder and Managing Director, Dean Payne, to retain staff. “Staff retention is important to me and I’m a huge advocate of cloud technology that enables my staff to lead flexible lives. This means they can work from home, or remotely, when they need to and still be securely connected to the office,” says Payne.

To find out more about how RingCentral has helped Optimum Healthcare Solutions Group, read their full story.

Originally published Aug 25, 2014, updated Oct 23, 2020

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