Olympia Management Realizes Cost Savings and Advanced Administration Capabilities with RingCentral

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Olympia Management, Inc. (OMI) exists to meet the needs of the affordable housing community by providing top-quality living conditions, excellent management, compassionate interaction with tenants, and consistent security. OMI has more than 90 property complexes located in 7 states throughout the southeast, including Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

Prior to RingCentral, OMI and its sister company shared an on-premise PBX system for their business communications. This required each of its 90 property managers, who are frequently mobile, to have separate lines for both phone and fax. OMI realized it needed a more cost-efficient, mobile-first, and all-inclusive business communications system that also integrated with Google because the company uses Google Cloud apps.

After switching to RingCentral, OMI discovered cost savings of 66% as the property managers no longer needed physical phone lines to operate. Instead of having to write 90 checks for payment on the phone lines, OMI only needs to write one. OMI also gained administrative capabilities and operational insight via RingCentral Reports. RingCentral allows management to see how many calls are coming in and access managers’ voicemails and whether or not they are checking them.

With RingCentral, OMI found increased efficiency in communication across all of its locations. Having a dispersed workforce can be difficult, but we are so thrilled to be a communications partner for OMI and to help its employees communicate more productively and effectively.

Originally published Mar 09, 2017, updated Aug 19, 2021

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