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Next Level Security Systems Adopts RingCentral Office, Improves Connectivity


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Technology that limits your ability to on-board new employees is the last thing you want when your business is growing. But that’s exactly what happened with Next Level Security Systems. The company’s phone system couldn’t scale to match the rapid growth that it was experiencing. imgres2

“Essentially, we ran out of licenses. So as we hired new employees, we couldn’t give them phones because we didn’t want to pay an additional $10,000 to add 45 users as part of an upgraded system,” explained Brent Cowing, a senior systems engineer at Next Level Security Systems.

This problem became even more evident when the company expanded to regions outside of its headquarters. “I tried providing phones for our remote users, but it required a huge outlay in cost for the hardware needed to set it up,” explained Brent.

With expansion inevitable and the costs of staying with its old system increasing, Next Level Security Systems began searching for alternative phone solutions.

“We limped along as much as we could, but I knew that I wanted something that was scalable and flexible with remote management capability,” stated Brent. “RingCentral made it super easy. All I had to do was order the phones and they arrived the next day. It was really as simple as ‘unplug and replace,’ – we unplugged one system and plugged in the RingCentral phones.”

Now it’s easy for Next Level Security Systems to expand as needed. When it hires a new employee, it simply asks RingCentral to send a new phone and adds the new hire to its system via RingCentral’s web portal. NLSS

With RingCentral Office, Next Level Security Systems’ remote employees are also able to stay connected to customers and colleagues within one phone system. “Every single user has a direct dial number, direct fax, SMS text messaging, and the ability to forward calls how they like,” explained Brent. “The system is very intuitive, and it is simple to log in and get what you need done.”

In addition to cost reduction, scalability and simple management, Next Level Security Systems is also able to provide better customer service.

“In our industry, people are used to receiving customer service from halfway around the world. With RingCentral, we were able to create different tiers of support, and customers can contact us directly,” explains Brent. “I knew that we were going down the right path with RingCentral, and now our customers can testify to this as well.”

Originally published Oct 02, 2013, updated Sep 17, 2021

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