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National staffing firm Eight Eleven Group saves $324,000 with RingCentral


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  • Lowering costs: The company is saving $5,400 a month on communications costs, for a total anticipated savings of $324,000 over its five-year RingCentral contract.
  • Staying connected: RingCentral’s phone and video help recruiters and sales reps stay connected to candidates and clients and keep the staff feeling like a team.
  • Boosting productivity: From business texting to one-click dialing from Salesforce, Eight Eleven is leveraging RingCentral to improve efficiencies across the company.

 One of the largest staffing and consulting firms in the United States

When they need the best and brightest candidates for a wide range of professional roles—including IT, medical technology, human resources, and marketing—businesses across the United States repeatedly turn to the team at Eight Eleven Group.

A national top-10 staffing and consulting agency, Eight Eleven helps match thousands of qualified candidates each year with clients looking for high-quality professionals. 

The company’s reputation for outstanding service has led to organic growth every year since its 2000 launch as a one-office recruiting firm in Indianapolis. Today, Eight Eleven has offices in 28 cities across the US and a staff of nearly 800.

This Top-10 consulting and professional services firm lowered its telecom expenses by $324,000 with RingCentral

Outgrowing a legacy phone system

As Eight Eleven added more offices and brought on more employees to meet its ever-growing demand from both corporate clients and job candidates, the company noticed a decline in its telephony experience.

“The more people we brought on, and the more locations we opened in new markets, the clearer it became that we had outgrown our phone system, says Jake Baldwin, the company’s IT Operations Manager. “As we reached 500, then 700 employees around the country, we needed things like mobility, sophisticated call routing, the ability to SMS text on our business lines, and other features our legacy system didn’t offer.”

RingCentral helps create new efficiencies across the company

When his team rolled out the RingCentral softphone on employees’ computers and the mobile app on their phones, Jake notes that Eight Eleven’s employees began quickly finding ways to use their new anywhere, any-device communications app to streamline their workflows.

“One huge benefit we saw right away was that our recruiters could now send and receive SMS texts on their business numbers wherever they were. A lot of our candidates prefer staying in contact by text rather than a phone call, and it’s great that our recruiting team can have those communications through the RingCentral app on their phones or computers, without having to give out their personal cell numbers anymore.”

In addition to the mobility and workflow improvements they’re enjoying with RingCentral’s phone and SMS text functionality, Jake adds, Eight Eleven’s staff are also leveraging the built-in RingCentral Video platform to improve other workflows.

“We’ve found so many uses for RingCentral Video. It’s a great resource for screening candidates and having deeper conversations with our corporate clients. We also use video conferencing for our internal meetings, especially the larger departmental meetings—which is something we couldn’t do with our previous video provider because they limited participants. Now we can have a video call involving people across many states, which is just invaluable.”

Adding more workflow improvements with a key integration

Jake adds that the company’s recruiters, sales reps, and customer success agents are improving their workflows with the RingCentral for Salesforce integration.

“The RingCentral Salesforce integration allows our employees to text, call, and log activity right from our Salesforce interface, which helps streamline the day-to-day operations of our recruiters. Also, the installation itself was very easy, and in fact, our Customer Success Manager handled the whole process.”

Lowering the company’s costs substantially

Although it wasn’t the primary factor in Eight Eleven’s decision to migrate to a better cloud communications solution, Jake notes that switching to RingCentral is resulting in significant cost savings for the company—which he has calculated at $5,400 a month, or $324,000 over the company’s contract with RingCentral.

“When we moved to RingCentral, we found ourselves in a position I’ve never experienced as an IT professional. We were not only significantly improving our communication capabilities over our previous UCaaS provider, but also reducing costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

A communications platform the company will never outgrow

Finally, Jake points out that one of the key benefits of rolling out RingCentral is that Eight Eleven now knows it has a cloud communications solution that will keep pace with the company’s rapid growth—and make it quick and easy to spin up excellent business-telephony service in new regions.

“There’s a big difference between a UCaaS platform that can comfortably support 50 employees and one that can scale up with us to 800 employees in nearly 30 offices all over the country,” he says. “With RingCentral, we now have a communications solution that will support our growth no matter how high our employee count goes, or how far we expand our geographic footprint.”

Originally published May 12, 2022

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