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Why this IT provider keeps rolling out more RingCentral solutions—from MVP, to Contact Center, to RingCentral Video


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For businesses that have neither the expertise nor the time to manage their IT infrastructure, Novatech offers an all-in-one Managed Office solution. With the experts at Novatech as the single point of contact for all their technological needs—IT services, cloud applications, cybersecurity, even print and document technology solutions—these businesses can leverage tech strategically to achieve efficiencies and drive profitability.

Over its quarter-century history, Novatech has grown to become a leader in the managed IT services field through a combination of organic expansion and strategic acquisitions of key companies across the country. 

In fact, these acquisitions served as a catalyst for one of Novatech’s most transformative and beneficial IT initiatives in recent years.

An all-in-one communications solution that scaled

As Brad Bromelow, Novatech’s CTO explains, “Rather than trying to maintain each newly acquired firm’s legacy telephony systems, we realized we could use this rapid-growth period to move to a single-source cloud platform and create one unified communications environment for the entire organization.”

As a highly regarded expert in providing managed office solutions to businesses, Novatech knew how to research unified communications platforms and the track records of the vendors offering them. The team’s due diligence led them straight to RingCentral.

RingCentral MVP, Video, and Contact Center keep this managed IT provider connected, selling, and growing—even through COVID

The first stage of Novatech’s cloud-communications migration was to set up all 400 employees with RingCentral MVP for integrated cloud phone, SMS text, team messaging, and conferencing on any device.

As Brad points out, this first phase of the company’s RingCentral implementation unlocked significant efficiencies in employees’ workflows. “With RingCentral MVP, any employee could now make work calls on their cell without having to give out a personal number, and our sales reps could use the app to text message with prospects from anywhere, also using their business number. We hadn’t had those capabilities before.”

A contact center solution that improved support operations

With RingCentral Contact Center, Novatech was also able to unify the company’s previously disconnected client-service operations—where each department was responsible for managing its own inbound support calls—and create one streamlined environment.

“With RingCentral Contact Center, we were able to bring all of those calls into a centralized cloud platform and route the caller out to the right team’s queue,” says Brad.

A video conferencing solution that enhanced sales efforts

When the COVID lockdowns went into effect, Novatech found yet another RingCentral solution—this time RingCentral Video—to enable the staff to work productively from home, maintain a sense of team cohesion, and even help the sales team stay connected to prospects and clients.

“Our sales team really appreciated having a user-friendly video conferencing solution they could access on any device,” explains Brad. “They couldn’t physically visit prospect or client sites, but they could continue having face-to-face talks with them—and that made a big difference.”

Sharing their latest tech discovery with clients

Novatech has found RingCentral’s suite of cloud communications solutions so effective at improving its own operations that the company has become a RingCentral partner. As Brad says: “If a client or prospect needs an all-in-one communications platform, we recommend  RingCentral. You can chat, video, call, text, all from one app on your computer or cell phone. We love RingCentral, and that’s what we tell our clients.”

Originally published Mar 23, 2022, updated Dec 30, 2022

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