Before they launched a software platform to help healthcare organizations automate medical records processing and transmission, the founders of (auto)MATE™ Healthcare formed their own home health agency. Their business enjoyed early success and continues to grow, but the team quickly discovered a serious challenge in running such a company.

Most healthcare businesses still communicate largely by fax for sending patient records to doctors or pharmacies, receiving authorizations from insurance companies, invoicing, etc.

As co-founder Joseph Wainwright recalls, “We were spending so much of our staff’s time manually reviewing records, preparing cover sheets, and then standing over the fax machine waiting for them to transmit. Also, we were wasting lots of money on fax paper and ink. This antiquated technology was literally slowing our ability to grow the business.”

And with more and more healthcare businesses starting to run remotely (to a certain degree), changes were needed. Fast.

Discovering RingCentral’s electronic fax API

When an employee told them about RingCentral, the founders ditched their traditional fax machine and switched to RingCentral’s digital fax solution. That move saved their home health agency lots of employee time, freed up a great deal of productivity, and eliminated the ongoing costs of fax paper, ink, and the fax line from the phone company.

Then they discovered that RingCentral offers a fax API that allows businesses to integrate the electronic fax capability into applications such as their electronic medical records systems. That’s when the entrepreneurial founders had a light bulb moment.

“If automating our medical records faxing could do this much for our business… slashing hours of repetitive work, improving our cash flow, freeing up resources, reducing overhead… then it could do the same for other health agencies.”

So Joseph led the effort at (auto)MATE to use the RingCentral Connect Platform™ for developers—specifically the electronic fax API—to build an innovative cloud-based solution for automating medical records management.

(auto)MATE and RingCentral: teaming up to improve medical records processing

The result is (auto)MATE Healthcare’s end-to-end records automation solution, powered by the RingCentral digital fax service, which can help healthcare organizations reclaim dozens of hours of productivity every week that they used to spend manually dealing with faxes.

Learn more about how RingCentral is helping (auto)MATE streamline home healthcare agencies’ operations—and what it can do for your operations. Check out the (auto)MATE Healthcare case study.