How to Run a (Remote-friendly) Healthcare Practice

Tips on client retention, starting an
online-friendly practice, and more in a WFH world

A doctor having a video meeting with the healthcare team.

Chapter 01 Introduction: Starting a Healthcare Business in a WFH World

Chapter 02

How to Choose a Unified Communications (UCaaS) Platform

Chapter 03

How Medical Crises Like COVID-19 Hold Valuable Lessons for Healthcare Recruitment and Retention

Chapter 04

Building a Marketing Strategy for Your Healthcare Practice

Let’s address the elephant in the room: chances are you didn’t start a healthcare practice because you love marketing. What’s more, marketing for a healthcare practice is sensitive. In this industry, “marketing” doesn’t mean the same thing it does in other industries. Your “customers,” of course, are patients.

Chapter 05 The Market Share Game: 5 Ways to Retain Your Patients

Infographic: The Cloud’s Impact

Ideal Patient Experience™

Chapter 06

The 5 Biggest Challenges for New Healthcare Practices

Chapter 07 How Nicci Levy Built a Botox Empire on Customer Experience

Chapter 08

How to Measure Performance at Your Healthcare Practice