Wisconsin-based Gemini Plastics, a manufacturer of plastic components for original equipment manufacturers, must be doing something right.

The company has been around since 1974, and its reputation for high-quality, affordably priced plastic-component solutions has earned it customers in industries as wide-ranging as aerospace, medical, military, automotive, railroad, electronic, and agricultural, among others.

But Gemini Plastics’s corporate mantra is “solutions create success.” So when the company took a hard look at its business operations and determined not all of its processes were as effective as they could be, the team started looking for solutions.


A need for more mobile, flexible communication options

“One of those [process] improvements was our phone system,” says CEO Joe Beausoleil. “Our traditional phone system was landlines, and we wanted to move to a mobile service that would allow us the opportunity to communicate more effectively with our customers.”

RingCentral has helped Gemini Plastics employees meet that company objective in more ways than one.

“It was important for our employees to stay connected” says Beausoleil. “Whether they were visiting a vendor or visiting a customer, they needed to seem like they were taking a call as if they were in the office. And RingCentral has allowed us that opportunity. We can transfer calls, make calls, take calls as if we were right here.”

The company also discovered an unintended benefit of RingCentral’s call-from-anywhere business phone solution.

“We no longer have ringing phones in the same office,” Beausoleil explains. “We used to have four or five people working in the same environment, so when a conversation was taking place on another call… you couldn’t help but have that pull your attention away from your focus.”

“RingCentral now allows us the opportunity to have remote employees. So if you get a call, that call is for you… and you can put all of your focus on that call. You no longer have the distractions of ringing phones and conversations around you when you’re trying to focus on a specific task.”


The cost savings aren’t bad either

Although it wasn’t the main reason for upgrading their phone solution, Gemini Plastics has found it is also saving big thanks to RingCentral. “We’ve saved as much as 30% [with RingCentral] over our traditional landlines,” says Beausoleil. Not a bad side benefit!

To see how else Gemini Plastics is benefiting from its RingCentral phone solution—and how your company can too—watch the Gemini Plastics RingCentral video: