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Leveraging VoIP For Business Growth


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rc voip One of the best ways to deal with growing pains—that extra investment you need to make in terms of funds, manpower and hard work when you want to grow your business—is to switch to VoIP.

VoIP has made leaps and bounds in terms of reliability and functionality. You can expect consistent excellent quality service performance and at least 99% uptime with good VoIP service providers. The question then is: how do you leverage VoIP to help with your business growth?

Save and Invest in Other Crucial Growth Ventures

One of the main benefits of switching to a VoIP phone system is the immediate cost savings. Calls made to and from your VoIP account are cheaper than traditional voice calls. And, you don’t need much to get started with VoIP—it all depends on what you’re willing to go by with at the start. You can decide to use softphones, which allow you to manage calls, as well as send and receive faxes from any computer; analog telephone adaptors (ATAs) which come pre-configured to handle a single line; or, when you are ready to invest, you can choose from various SIP (Session Initiate Protocol) phones.

You can also use your VoIP service to make calls anywhere in the world, which means you spend less on mobile communications. With RingCentral Mobile Apps users are able to make calls without using their carrier airtime minutes. These extra savings can be channeled elsewhere; for example, into online marketing, brand building, etc.

Work with Mobility

Portability is another VoIP perk. Business growth normally entails going outside your usual sphere of influence and expanding your market. You might find yourself on the road for periods of time, which will typically increase your mobile call expenses. It also makes you unreachable to people who try to call your business number.

With VoIP’s portability, you can keep in touch using your VoIP account from anywhere. In addition, VoIP feature’s such as “Find Me Anywhere” allow call forwarding to any number wherever you are.

Maximize VoIP Functionalities

Communications convergence is perhaps the buzzword that launched VoIP as the technology that puts your business ahead of the competition. Through the many functionalities of VoIP, you can streamline the flow of information, enable better coordination and cooperation among your employees, branches and satellite offices, and address client concerns more efficiently.

Video conferencing is an excellent VoIP feature, which you can use to establish better trust and communication with your clients and partners. The ability to connect with up to 50 people without needing to travel allows businesses to communicate with colleagues and customers like never before.

Improve Work Flow

VoIP simplifies a lot of functions within your office. Through the integration of different business applications, such email, digital whiteboards and video conferencing, business processes become faster and information is more accessible. Voicemails can be forwarded to you via email. Meetings can be done remotely while using multimedia. And this barely scratches the surface of all possibilities.

With VoIP, the growth strategy for businesses now needs to focus on reining in all the potential and freed up resources, and channeling these where they will have the most positive impact. Indeed, digital telecommunications can help your business grow. Just make sure you choose the right VoIP service provider, and that you protect your investment through VoIP monitoring services.

Originally published Sep 03, 2014, updated Apr 18, 2021

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