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RingCentral Video Pro: Integrated video meetings and team messaging for free


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  • RingCentral Video Pro™ is a free, unlimited, easy-to-use solution that combines video meetings and audio conferencing with team messaging
  • Meetings can fit up to 100 participants 
  • Enjoy features such as emoji reactions, virtual backgrounds, closed captions, and more
  • Built upon RingCentral’s carrier-grade security and reliability

Our lives have dramatically shifted this year. In many cases, work from home, virtual meetings, and longer work hours have become the new normal. The pressures of our professional and personal lives have only increased while we also try to stay healthy. 

In our Customer Advisory Boards and meetings with prospects, analysts, and influencers, we learned that businesses want the best communication and collaboration tools to maintain their employees’ productivity in these challenging times. 

We’re no longer able to enjoy casual conversations by the water cooler, brief strolls from one conference room to another, or team lunches that helped us catch up with our colleagues. Instead, we jump from one meeting to the next, right on our computer screens.

Everyone is evidently working more than they used to, but it begs the question: are people getting real work done? At RingCentral, we saw an opportunity to reimagine meetings for a new era.

Meet smarter with RingCentral Video Pro

We’re excited to announce the launch of RingCentral Video Pro, a free, unlimited, easy-to-use solution that offers high-quality video and audio conferencing, seamlessly integrated with team messaging, file sharing, contact, task, and calendar management — resulting in a Smart Video Meetings™ experience.

Today’s employees work in hybrid environments—any combination of office, home, and anywhere in between. RingCentral Video Pro” is designed to drive collaboration no matter where employees work from.

Let’s look at its two primary capabilities:

Team messaging

Built-in team messaging allows you to chat with colleagues and external parties, share files, create teams, and much more.

RingCentral Video Pro comes with a suite of other messaging features. For example, you can choose from an entire menu of emoji reactions to respond to messages or add more personality to your own messages with the format message toolbar.

And when messages need to escalate into meetings, you can easily start a video call with a single click.

Video meetings

Meetings shouldn’t be limited to a certain number of minutes. That’s why RingCentral Video Pro allows you to run HD video meetings with up to 100 attendees. (Meetings on our free version cap at 50 minutes. Get meetings up to 24 hours long with RingCentral Video Pro+!)

Participants can join video meetings directly through their browser without requiring any downloads and can even switch from PC to smartphone (and vice versa) with a single click.

Users will also enjoy AI-enabled features such as background noise reduction, virtual backgrounds, and closed captioning.

Video meetings are backed by RingCentral’s carrier-grade security and reliability, ensuring that only the right participants can join your meetings.

What current users think

We couldn’t have built RingCentral Video Pro without the input and feedback of our valued customers. They’ve been instrumental in helping us design RingCentral Video Pro for their business needs.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

Supercharge your team meetings, for free

We’re thrilled to offer a new way for your teams to communicate and collaborate. Check out RingCentral Video Pro today! 

Originally published Dec 15, 2020, updated Sep 06, 2023

Get team messaging and video meetings for FREE.

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