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Enterprise Connect: Solutions to meet unique industry needs, from the doctor’s office to the classroom

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  • Shifts and trends in the workplace make industries uniquely positioned to benefit from cloud communication tools.
  • Schools can successfully and sustainably manage the shift to virtual by using the right tools, making education more collaborative, accessible, and effective for all end-users.
  • Cloud-based platform solutions are the key to keeping up with the trends that will continue to reshape the insurance industry over the next few years. 
  • Optimizing virtual models—and delivering better patient experiences—starts with modernizing the communication systems.
  • Modernizing government agencies’ communications technology is crucial for delivering better citizen experiences and rebuilding and maintaining public trust.

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Learn how the cloud has enabled game-changing communication capabilities for businesses of all sizes and across sectors.


Over the last two years, enterprises have experienced the most significant shakeup since the Industrial Revolution, and it’s forcing leaders to reassess all aspects of how work gets done.

While many of the considerations for this re-envisioning of work are common across sectors, different industries face their own unique challenges as they embrace this new era.

RingCentral Theater at Enterprise Connect 2022

While always an exciting and thought-provoking event, this year’s Enterprise Connect was an optimal time to take a comprehensive look at the opportunities and challenges organizations are confronting right now.

During the RingCentral Theater at Enterprise Connect 2022, we featured 48 presentations over three days—an opportunity to hear the latest on a broad range of topics that directly inform the success of new remote and hybrid working models. 

We looked at exciting new innovations that are improving employee capabilities and elevating experiences for customers and workers, and we talked about how our global partnerships with hardware, ISV, and telecom providers are truly delivering on companies’ end-to-end communication and collaboration needs.

Solutions track highlights

In our Solutions track, we also explored how shifts and trends in the workplace are impacting specific sectors, from education to finserv to healthcare, and how these verticals can uniquely benefit from cloud communication tools.

Don’t miss these five must-watch highlights from our Solutions track at Enterprise Connect 2022.

The new age of voice for education

Like countless other organizations, educational institutions of all levels were forced online in 2020 due to the pandemic. But the result of taking classrooms virtual on an emergency basis was a patchwork of solutions that have created barriers and disconnects for students, teachers, and administrators.

While the immediate imperative that drove schools to go virtual may have dissipated, the need to be able to seamlessly access classes and school services online is paramount—and will remain that way.

In his presentation at Enterprise Connect 2022, Brian Baute, Industry Principal for Education at RingCentral, explored some of the exciting innovations that are transforming the education sector and enabling schools to offer seamless experiences, from smarter call center technology to improve the ease of dealing with administrative functions to virtual infinite whiteboards that bring all of the interactivity and engagement of in-person classrooms online.

Watch Brian’s recap to learn more about how schools can successfully and sustainably manage this transformation and to hear new use cases that illustrate how the right tools can make education more collaborative, accessible, and effective for all end-users.

Enabling greater collaboration in insurance

The insurance industry faces more than its share of challenges in the transition to digitally based and remote or hybrid work. Traditionally paper-based with highly siloed business units and functions, insurers face numerous inherent barriers that stand in the way of offering end-to-end digital experiences for customers. These disconnects also make life harder for workers in the sector, eroding productivity and satisfaction. 

But challenges bring opportunities. In his session at Enterprise Connect 2022, Glen Tillman, RingCentral’s Senior Director of Product Marketing for Financial Services, looked at how the right communication and collaboration tools present important opportunities to thoroughly transform outdated, disconnected processes in insurance.

With the ability to better share and integrate data that comes from deploying unified communications, insurance organizations can see a 12x improvement in employee satisfaction and tripling of customer satisfaction scores.

—Glen Tillman, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Financial Services at RingCentral

Watch the recap to delve into trends that will continue to reshape the insurance industry over the next few years. You’ll also learn why leaders in this sector believe that cloud-based platform solutions are the key, particularly for hub-and-spoke office models that are proliferating the sector.

Supporting virtual patient engagement

Virtual health services are making life more convenient for patients.

But the surge in virtual activity has created monumental challenges for clinicians and medical admins. From increased call loads to reimbursement challenges, telehealth has imposed many new strains on already-stretched workers in the healthcare field.

Optimizing virtual models—and delivering better patient experiences—starts with modernizing the communication systems to meet the increasing demand for voice-only telehealth service delivery and the many other functions of virtual patient care.

In this Enterprise Connect 2022 recap, you’ll hear from Lance Mehaffey, RingCentral’s Senior Director of Healthcare Product Marketing, about how our RingCentral MVP™ and Contact Center solutions drive improvements and efficiencies throughout the continuum of care. You’ll also learn how together with partners such as ChronicCareIQ, we’re delivering exciting solutions and technologies that further the reach and improve the performance of healthcare organizations.

Is it too late to use federal funding?

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has been critical for individuals and organizations riding out the challenges of the pandemic. Although much of the funding for local and state government agencies needs to have been used on expenses incurred before 2022, there are additional channels for tapping into federal monies aimed at helping government agencies modernize and meet the needs in a new era of recovery. 

In her Enterprise Connect 2022 presentation, Courtney Vogel, Director of Government Product Marketing at RingCentral, explores the opportunities that are currently available to local and state agencies to meet the requirements of an increasingly digital era.

Watch the recap to learn about the American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) and other funds agencies may be able to tap into—and what to do to access those funds before it’s too late.

For those that are on the fence about modernizing their technology, you’ll also hear how better citizen experiences that can only be delivered with the right tools in place are crucial for rebuilding and maintaining public trust.

Customer survey results

The benefits of deploying an integrated all-in-one communications platform aren’t just theoretical. In our first customer success metrics survey, we explored real results from 536 RingCentral customers to quantify the true business value of our UCaaS solution.

Watch the recap of our survey results to hear from Senior Director of Value Acceleration Jocelyn Vallieres about the specific benefits our customers have seen across 18 different performance metrics.

From better customer satisfaction to cost reduction, this session explores the tangible improvements RingCentral customers realize for their businesses. (Spoiler alert: these are not confined to lower costs or improved revenues; as you’ll hear in the session, RingCentral has the power to truly transform how you do work and the results you can achieve.)

Lastly, be sure to keep an eye out for our latest 2022 expanded customer survey results, which now contain more than 1,000 submissions from customers and will be published this summer on our website.

Transform how you do work

There’s a lot going on at RingCentral—and many more innovations on the way that will enable better employee and customer experiences and continue propelling value for our customers. RingCentral has the power to truly transform how you do work and the results you can achieve, across each unique sector.

Check out these photos from our awesome Enterprise Connect booth, and we’ll see you next year!

Originally published May 31, 2022, updated Nov 03, 2023

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