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Cheat Sheet: RingCentral Business SMS


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SMS_squares At the very end of 2012, RingCentral introduced Business SMS – the first-in-class SMS solution that makes it possible to send and receive text messages at your RingCentral business number. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help you get the most out of Business SMS.

What Do I Need?

To use Business SMS, you will need:

1) A local RingCentral telephone number. (We hope to enable Business SMS on toll-free numbers in the future.)
2) A RingCentral Office account.
3) A device that runs Android or iOS.
4) The current version of the RingCentral platform. (We are migrating accounts to this platform now and anticipate that every RingCentral customer will have it by the summer.)

How Do I Get Started?

If your RingCentral account has been migrated to the latest platform edition, your account is already Business SMS-enabled. To start using Business SMS, simply download the RingCentral app for either Android (download link) or iOS (download link). Log in to the app using your local RingCentral number and account password.

Where In the RingCentral App Is My SMS Inbox?

As this screenshot indicates, the default screen when logging in to the RingCentral app is the Messages screen. Tap “Text” on the right to see all of your Business SMS conversations.

How Do I Send a Business SMS?

To create a new Business SMS message after logging in to the RingCentral app, click the speech-bubble icon in the lower right corner of the screen. You will be prompted to enter the recipient’s number in the To: field, then press the + sign. (The RingCentral app syncs with the contacts in your RingCentral account, so you can enter the names of your contacts in the To: field rather than their numbers.)

Should you have more than one DigitalLine on your RingCentral account, you can select which DigitalLine you want your message to come from in the From: field.

Tap the text area to type your message. When you’re done, click Send. That’s it!

What Happens When I Receive a Business SMS Message?

Business SMS messages will show up in the RingCentral app, instead of your device’s native messages app. Depending on the notification settings you have applied to the RingCentral app, you may or may not see a badge or banner on your device when you receive a Business SMS message. On Android devices, new Business SMS messages will show up in the Notification Center. iOS devices will display a notification mark on the RingCentral app icon.

Can All RingCentral Numbers Send and Receive Business SMS Messages?

No. Announcement-only extensions and fax-only numbers can neither send nor receive Business SMS messages. Messages-only extensions can receive them, but not send them.

What Happens to a Business SMS Message Sent to a Main Company Number?

Messages sent to RingCentral company numbers will be delivered to the operator extension on the account.

Can I Use the RingCentral App in Landscape Mode on My Device?

Currently, only the iOS version of the RingCentral app works in landscape mode. We are working to add this functionality to the Android version of the app, as well.

Can I Send Text Messages Internationally With Business SMS?


Does Business SMS Support Multimedia Messages (MMS)?


Is It Possible to Send Business SMS Messages to a Group?

No. But you can send a Business SMS message to a department extension within your organization; all members of the department will receive a copy of the message.

Can I Prevent a Number From Sending Text Messages to My RingCentral Account?

Yes. You will have to block all communications from the number, however. This can be set up in the RingCentral online account interface. (In the latest version of the interface, mouse over Settings, then click My Settings > Screening, Greeting & Hold Music > Blocked Numbers.)

Originally published May 06, 2013, updated Aug 07, 2020

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