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Channel Harmony: 100% Commissions From One to Infinity

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What makes RingCentral’s Partner Program different—better—than the rest? Both parties are paid in full: let’s start with that winning statement. Our unique Channel Harmony structure offers partners full compensation and specialized subject matter expert (SME) resources to help close deals.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce an even more exciting initiative in our Channel Harmony program. Previously limited to deals of 50+ users, RingCentral’s Channel Harmony now applies to deals from one to infinity.* Did your jaw drop yet? I’ll spell it out: partners get 100% commissions and (free!) specialized RingCentral resources to help close deals of any size. Pursuing an opportunity with 17 users? Cool. One user? Still cool. 1B users? Even cooler. Partners are connected with a vertical- and segment-specialized RingCentral subject-matter expert, the deal is closed (working together, by themselves, or heck—we’ll do the work for the partner), and the partner still gets 100% commissions.

Channel Harmony: One to Infinity—It’s a win for everyone*

RingCentral first launched its Channel Harmony program in early 2016, and to say it’s been a success is an understatement. With more than 4,000 active channel partners, RingCentral is continuing to grow its partner ecosystem. In a recent survey of our partner base, ninety-eight percent of partners ranked RingCentral Partner Support as “exceeds expectations” when compared to competitor programs.

But we’re not stopping here. Oh, no way! The work is just beginning. The opportunities are boundless. And so is our energy. And the One to Infinity program is just part of it—the icing on the cake, if you will. As we continue to invest in our award-winning Partner Program, we remain laser focused on three key initiatives: recruiting, training, and enabling. Everything RingCentral does is designed to help partners grow their business and increase their bottom line. We strive to be the enterprise cloud communications solution of choice among channel partners worldwide, and we’re seeing enormous traction within the mid- to large- enterprise community.

This is a game changer, folks. Selling an industry leader’s innovative cloud communications solution has never been easier. Think about it this way: Our SMEs help you close deals. You still get all the cash. And it applies to deal sizes of one to infinity employees. It’s pure, it’s brilliant, and it’s one of a kind.

*Applicable to qualified partners.

Originally published Apr 10, 2017, updated Sep 01, 2021

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