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21 of the best apps for insurance agents to win more business

best apps for insurance agents


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If you’re an insurance agent, your end-goal is to spend most of your time bringing in new business.

The reality, though? Tedious tasks are probably eating up a ton of your time.

Paperwork. Data entry. Emails chasing renewals. The list goes on and on.

These tasks aren’t just a time-sink: they prevent you from building relationships with clients and actually booking more business.

That’s why it’s so important to have the proper tools in your toolbox to eliminate annoying tasks and get yourself back to being business-focused. This is especially true with so many agents working from home right now.

In this guide, we’ll highlight 21 of the best apps for insurance agents to save serious time and scale your business:

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Productivity and communication apps for insurance agents

For the first half of our list, we’ll focus on apps that boost your productivity and help you communicate with your clients. From keeping better track of your day-to-day tasks to getting in touch with clients faster, these tools can do the trick.

1. PandaDoc

Wrangling contracts, documents, and reports is a top priority for any agent working with dozens of clients per day.

That’s where tools such as a PandaDoc can come in handy. Their app not only comes with a variety of pre-built templates for insurance agents, but also allows for quick and easy e-signatures for agents working remotely or on the go.

Having all of your contracts and agreements in one place is a massive time-saver that lets you focus on actually doing business.

Productivity and communication apps: PandaDoc

According to PandaDoc themselves, users can increase their close rates by 28% with the help of their solutions. Meanwhile, a recent case study2 conducted with one of their insurance agency clients resulted in 800+% productivity and a 30-second contract close time. How’s that for speed?

2. RingCentral

Communication is key to growing your business as an insurance agent.

With RingCentral, you can manage all of your client communication on a single platform, from messaging, to video conferencing, to phone calls:

Need to take phone calls from clients while you’re away from your desk? Or double-check information with your own team? Or create reminders to follow up so you can stay organized?

insurance task in ringcentral app

You can do all of that in one handy app with RingCentral.

🏆 Did you know: 

RingCentral is a PCMag’s Editors’ Choice Award winner because of its reliable service and easy-to-use app (among other reasons)!

The ability to go back and forth over video in particular is super helpful if you want to create meaningful connections with your clients when face-to-face meetings just aren’t possible. (You can do the same with your team, too.)

RingCentral can also route your inbound calls so you never miss a potential lead when they hit up your phone. On the flip side, you can seamlessly conduct cold calling campaigns quickly and efficiently as you move from one lead to the next. Coupled with SMS features, you’re really empowered to engage clients on their channel of choice. Here’s a quick look at how it works:

From team meetings to outreach and beyond, RingCentral allows you to prioritize the conversations that matter (aka. the ones that are more likely to result in more deals).

In fact, you can check out how True Blue Insurance used this simple strategy to boost revenue by 15%.

🕹️ Get a hands-on look at how RingCentral works by booking a product tour:

💰 You can also use this calculator to see roughly how much your business could save by using RingCentral to support your team’s communications with clients, customers, and each other.

Remote Readiness CTA

3. Formstack

The more information you can gather from your leads and contacts before you meet, the better.

Formstack allows you to build out detailed intake forms and digital agreements so that you have the exact details you need to better serve your clients. The platform also lets you generate custom quotes, proposals, and renewals along digital signatures to move these agreements along.

As noted in Formstack’s own guide to boosting your productivity1 as an insurance agent, having accurate client information from the word “go” goes a long way in helping you provide speedier, more personalized service.

Productivity and communication apps for insurance agents: Formstack


4. Evernote

If you find yourself struggling to organize your thoughts, maybe take another look at the practice of good old-fashioned note-taking.

Platforms like Evernote allow you to map out both professional and personal notes, giving yourself a digital to-do list to stick to. You can likewise use the platform to take in-person meeting notes on the fly.

Productivity and communication apps: Evernote

Intuitive and easy to use, Evernote boasts hundreds of millions of users and is often cited as one of the best apps for insurance agents for a reason.

5. Expensify

To say that insurance agents deal with expenses and deductions would be the ultimate understatement.

From your home office to travel and beyond, you can’t afford to lose sight of what you’re spending. Expensify is a simple receipt and expense-tracking software to rein in your budget.

Digital record-keeping can make a big difference during tax season, and tools like Expensify make doing so a cinch:

Productivity and communication apps: Expensify

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6. CamScanner

Although most of us are dealing exclusively with digital documents these days, there are still instances where in-person paperwork is necessary.

The ever-so-popular CamScanner is the perfect tool for processing documents and converting them to PDFs for your digital records.

Its cloud storage and in-app editing features let you quickly share contracts with your clients and colleagues. This means no more playing the waiting game when collecting signatures.

Productivity and communication apps: CamScanner

7. Google Workspace

The tools bundled in Google Workspace represent some of the best apps for insurance agents that are totally free to use. This includes collaborative tools such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Drive.

Based on Google’s own insurance agency case study3, here are some real-world applications of Google Workspace for insurance agents:

  • Sharing documents such as policy renewals and cancellations internally via Drive
  • Managing meetings and agency scheduling via Calendar
  • Going back and forth to edit collaborative documents via Docs

Oh, and Google Workspace’s low learning curve and free apps are a nice added bonus for insurance agents on a budget.

8. ScanBizCards

Let’s assume that business cards will still be around before the industry goes back to something resembling “normal.”

Tools like ScanBizCards are awesome for insurance agents looking to reduce clutter and keep a record of folks they’ve met face-to-face.

Not only does the app allow you to convert business cards from physical to digital formats but also sync that information with your CRM (if you’re using one).

Productivity and communication apps: Google Workspace

9. Campaign Monitor

Email is among the most important insurance marketing tools in your arsenal.

Policy updates. Upsell opportunities. Personal check-ins.

And that only scratches the surface. With email, you’re able to reach your clients and prospects around the clock and in their inboxes, where they’re often hanging out anyway.

Task automation tools like Campaign Monitor can do the heavy lifting when it comes to email marketing. For example, their platform allows you to create workflows and generate automated follow-ups to prospects. You can also use the platform to manage your email newsletters and analyze who’s actually engaging with your messages.

Productivity and communication apps: ScanBizCards

As highlighted by their own insurance marketing examples4, email allows you to build relationships with clients—without having to chase them down one by one.

AMS and CRM apps for insurance agents

For the second half of our list, we’ll break down the best insurance agency management software (AMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Both types of tools can be really helpful for insurance agents.

In short, AMS tools are specifically designed for insurance agencies and typically include features related to tracking commissions and boosting productivity agency-wide. On the other hand, CRM is a more general piece of software that agents can use to keep track of their individual client history, interactions, and contracts.

These types of apps allow you to manage your client relationships in a single platform rather than bounce between your inbox and spreadsheets. By having a better pulse on your business, you can significantly increase your renewal rate5 — and generate more business over time.

10. AgencyBloc

Designed for life and health insurance agencies, AgencyBloc provides an all-in-one solution for organizations to process commissions and automate sales. The platform allows you to keep track of client relationships as well as the activity of individual agents.

The platform also lets you create automations and alerts so that you never have to second-guess your next step to get compensated. For example, you can see when renewal due dates are approaching. Features like commission projections and detailed analytics can give you a better sense of the health of your business at any given time:

AMS and CRM apps: AgencyBloc

11. NextAgency

Also tailored for life and health insurance agencies, NextAgency represents a comprehensive suite of tools to manage client relationships.

For example, the platform’s built-in CRM puts your client history front and center. From previous calls and emails to documents and beyond, everything you need to know about your client is up to date and consolidated.

AMS and CRM apps: NextAgency

A major selling point of NextAgency is its slew of integrations with insurance agency marketing tools like Google Drive and Mailchimp. You can quickly sync the platform with your communications or email platform without missing a beat.

Another notable benefit of using a platform like NextAgency is the ability to clearly track commissions and prevent lapses in client contracts.

AMS and CRM apps: NextAgency

12. Applied Epic

Applied Epic gives agents greater visibility across their entire book of business. The tool lets you access and automate policies with insurers to guarantee that your company’s information is always correct.

Applied Epic emphasizes pipelines, giving you a bird’s-eye view of your insurance sales goals and whether or not they’re being met. You can likewise see your current opportunities and upcoming activities to help you prioritize your schedule. Like many of the best apps for insurance agents, Applied Epic integrates with file sharing and SMS tools.

AMS and CRM apps: Applied Epic

13. HawkSoft

HawkSoft is a tried-and-tested agency management solution that was actually created by independent agents. The platform boasts that agencies stick with HawkSoft for 18 years on average.

Although the app is indeed older, the platform’s simplicity is arguably one of its strengths. Ease-of-use and drag-and-drop functionality makes it a breeze for less tech-savvy agents to adopt.

HawkSoft emphasizes its ability to help agents retain clients and deliver proactive service. The app lets you manage your and your colleagues’ daily agendas with alerts, tasks, and reminders to mitigate errors and omissions.

AMS and CRM apps: HawkSoft

14. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk is a household name in customer support, but the Sell CRM is one of the best apps for insurance agents looking for a tool to manage client relationships more efficiently.

Although not insurance-specific, the platform is perfect for keeping an eye on the progress of your clients and contracts. Standard CRM features such as analytics, funnels, and spreadsheet exports are useful for agents. Prime for mobile or desktop, Zendesk’s CRM’s interface is sleek and straightforward—a solid starting point for agents new to these tools.

AMS and CRM apps: Zendesk Sell

15. FreeAgent CRM

As another CRM solution, the greatest strength of FreeAgent is the ability to leave detailed client notes and store in-depth policy information.

The platform also presents agents with an action plan, making sure that you never sleep on deals or next steps.

AMS and CRM apps: FreeAgent CRM

Here’s a quick breakdown of how the platform works to empower insurance agents:

Pricing: $25/mo per user.

16. Thryv

Thryv is a robust CRM that also doubles as a payment processor and appointment scheduler.

Unlike a generic CRM, Thryv includes useful features for insurance agents like estimates and the ability to tag clients based on their particular claims. This allows you to sort clients by policy, for example.

AMS and CRM apps: Thryv

Thryv’s features highlight how a CRM can keep you from bouncing from tool to tool. For example, you can accept and offer special payments and rates to clients—directly through the platform.

AMS and CRM apps: Thryv

Another key feature of Thryv is reputation monitoring. In a cutthroat industry where reviews are so important, you literally can’t afford to risk your reputation. Want to see what your star ratings are across major reviews sites? What about social mentions? You can check out both without having to leave Thryv.

17. Bitrix24

Not all of the best apps for insurance have to break the bank.

Case in point, Bitrix24 is totally free for agents working independently. The tool is a great way to test the waters of CRM software for agents who’ve never used such a platform before. Features such as free email marketing, invoicing, and storage rival that of competing insurance CRMs without the price tag.

AMS and CRM apps: Bitrix24

18. NowCerts

NowCerts is an AMS designed to help agencies run more smoothly. Insurers are able to monitor policies, track commissions, and keep an eye on the performance of individual agents.

The platform allows you to provide clients with a self-service portal to pay their bills and manage claims. NowCerts also accesses current and accurate policy information to avoid errors and omissions, keeping both you and your clients in the loop.

AMS and CRM apps: NowCerts

19. SalesNOW

SalesNOW markets itself as a simple and mobile-friendly CRM that’s easy to customize to fit the needs of your business. Agents can use such a platform to manage clients and schedule face-to-face meetings.

AMS and CRM apps: SalesNOW

One of SalesNOW’s signature features is the ability to integrate with contact forms to mortgages, resulting in speedy and near-instant outreach to leads from agents.

20. Jenesis Agency Management

Jenesis’ platform has been around for two decades, meaning that it’s certainly stood the test of time.

That said, don’t let the old-school interface fool you. The platform makes it effortless to take notes on clients and track your tasks. Simple note-taking and time stamps highlight your client history and clue you in on to what’s next.

AMS and CRM apps: Jenesis Agency Management

21. Indio

Indio’s goal is to simplify the insurance application process between agents and clients.

Rather than deal with lengthy back-and-forth between yourself and leads, the platform enables you to customize applications from a library of pre-built templates.

Need to include special fields or ask a particular question? No problem. With 5,000 insurer-ready templates, you can avoid repeat questions and needless communication. It’s a win-win for you and your clients alike.

AMS and CRM apps: Indio

What do you think are the best apps for insurance agents?

If you’re looking to boost your productivity and give your business a competitive advantage, your head’s in the right place.

These are some of the best apps for insurance agents to make it happen.

And again, we’re probably biased, but we can’t stress enough the importance of effective communication when it comes to getting in touch with your clients and leads. With the help of RingCentral, you have the ultimate platform to tackle calls, virtual meetings, and everything in between to win more business.








Originally published Mar 31, 2020, updated Nov 18, 2021

Using multiple "cheap" apps to handle different communication channels? Use this calculator to understand their cost of ownership.

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