After an intense, head-to-head comparison with Microsoft Teams, PCMag has named RingCentral Office their Editor’s Choice for Business Communications

PCMag compared the two platforms based on price, features, and ease of use. In the end, RingCentral—”a long-standing Editor’s Choice pick” and “top-performing VoIP provider”—edged out Microsoft Teams, thanks to “its reliability and generous range of features including everything from artificial intelligence (AI) integration to meeting collaboration capabilities and other staples, like faxing and even some call center features.”

The winning benefits…

The online magazine, trusted for its independent reviews on the latest in technology, touted RingCentral Office’s “freshened user interface that’s cleaner and somewhat more intuitive,” along with its focus on open, agile voice communications, which adds value for businesses where Microsoft Teams falls short. 

“RingCentral Office’s strengths lie in its ease of deployment and ability to shift to a multi-mode and multi-device tool,” PCMag says. “Whether you’re using a desktop, a PBX, or your mobile device, RingCentral is easily optimized while ensuring voice communications are always reliable.” 

Until next year

All in all, it was our more holistic experience, offering first-rate VoIP capabilities at the heart of our product alongside a growinGoogle Workspace of features and integrations, that put RingCentral over the top for this important recognition. 

We’re honored to be in the running with a company like Microsoft—and thrilled to see all of our hard work and tireless commitment pay off in helping businesses grow through better communication.