Meet Axial, a platform that connects business owners with the capital they need to grow, finance, and sell their companies.

axial ringcentral customer story

In order to build these relationships and support so many entrepreneurs in obtaining capital, Axial’s team has to be on the phone. A lot.

So, it didn’t help that their original phone service provider insisted that they had to purchase more bandwidth for their phone system in order to guarantee high-quality phone service. Jeff Kunkel, Axial’s Operations Manager of Information Technology, knew they needed a change.

Our previous provider didn’t include any features we really needed, like call recording, simplified conference calling, individual faxing lines, and a very open bring your own device (BYOD) system.

It was time to find a new phone system.

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In search of a remote-friendly phone system that did more than just phone calls

The sales team at Axial spends, on average, about 80% of their time on the phone. That’s over six hours a day!

Because so much important information gets exchanged on these calls, good call quality and the ability to record calls were essential to the team. 

So, they searched, and searched… and eventually, found a phone system—that did much more than just allow them to make and record phone calls.

With RingCentral’s app (which works across iOS, Android, Mac, and PC), Axial’s sales team could now make conference calls anytime—and get a few useful little features built in too, like call parking, flipping, and the all important recording function:

more conference call options in ringcentral android app

Conference calls aside, Axial’s team uses electronic faxing quite frequently, and they’re in their Salesforce dashboards all day too.

RingCentral gave them both online faxing features, and a robust Salesforce integration that allows the team to make and receive calls, right in their Salesforce dashboard:

salesforce ringcentral integration

Plus, with RingCentral’s desktop and mobile app, their sales team can communicate with prospects and clients no matter where they are. If they’re running an errand, they can switch a call from their computer to their phone without interrupting the conversation:

switch call from video to phone

And they can even flip a voice call to video—with one easy tap:

flip from Call to Video

“RingCentral has given us the freedom to untether ourselves from our desks,” says Jeff. “Now, we can serve all of our customers at any time, worldwide.”

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And don’t forget about keeping your IT team happy…

Plus, now the employees at Axial can communicate more efficiently by using the corporate extension directory, rather than searching for individual phone numbers. 

For Jeff, who’s the only IT staff member, this makes life much, much easier. Even with a growing team, he doesn’t have to spend all day providing phone support like he used to.

“Now that we use RingCentral, I have seen a dramatic drop in help-desk telecom tickets,” Jeff says. “I love that RingCentral has taken what, historically, we relied on engineers to perform—simplified it and made it achievable for the average user. It’s quite empowering!”

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