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5 Ways iOS 7 Will Benefit Your Business


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medium_9017190514 Do you use an iPhone? Apple has a new operating system for you to install. Apple claims that iOS 7 is the most significant upgrade to its mobile OS since the original iPhone. And the changes aren’t just skin-deep: The upgrade includes useful changes for businesses and their employees.

Here are five of iOS 7’s biggest business benefits.

1) Enhanced Security

One of iOS 7’s most buzzworthy security features is Touch ID, the fingerprint-reading technology on the new iPhone 5S. Early accounts suggest that it works well as a password replacement.

But Apple has made a number of enterprise-grade security enhancements, as well. Now, IT managers can set app permissions in a more granular fashion – so, for example, only “approved” apps may be used to open and share files. Certain apps can be configured to connect to corporate networks via VPN, too, rather than through less-secure public connections.

2) iMessage Time Stamps

On older versions of iOS, exchanging text and MMS messages in the iMessage app could be frustrating. The OS would insert time stamps into iMessage conversations at random intervals, making it difficult to determine when messages were sent.

By default, iOS 7 does not display time stamps for every iMessage entry. But you can view time stamps manually by dragging your finger from right to left within any iMessage conversation thread. Very convenient!

3) Better Email

Recognizing that many people access business email via their mobile devices, Apple has added some user-friendly features to its Mail app. iOS 7 has much-improved Mail search functionality, as well as a swipe-to-archive-or-delete option. Simply swipe from right to left over any mail message to choose whether to store or delete it.

4) Compatibility

There’s no need to purchase the latest iPhone or iPad to get iOS 7. The OS is compatible with iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S and 4, as well as the fourth-, third- and second-generation iPads. It will also work with the iPad Mini and fifth-generation iPod Touch.  This level of compatibility means you can get your entire workforce on the same page, using the same system, apps and settings all protected by the same security.

5) Top-Notch Business Apps

Developers have been anticipating iOS 7 for some time, and as a result, some of the more popular business apps have been given a new look with additional features. Evernote, Google Drive, Skype and Dropbox are all iOS 7-compatible. Google’s Chrome browser also received an iOS 7-friendly refresh – and RingCentral’s iOS app was updated last week to work seamlessly with any iOS 7 device.

Are you using iPhones or iPads in your business? What do you think of iOS 7 so far?

Featured photo courtesy of William Hook via photopin cc.

Originally published Sep 27, 2013, updated Dec 30, 2022

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