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3 Reasons to Make the Switch to Cloud Communications


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We talk a lot about the benefits of cloud computing – and we even have a new section here at RingCentral Connect dedicated to cloud news. Why are we so bullish on the cloud? Just think of all the ways in which cloud computing has changed our personal and professional lives for the better, like these five cloud business benefits from our friends at Wired.

Hosted email makes it easy to share information from nearly any device. Photo-sharing sites enable us to keep up to date with our friends and family members. And streaming video technology has given us a bevy of entertainment options, whether we’re on our couches or on the road.

Any discussion of the cloud should include hosted communications services, as well. Here are three of the best reasons to move your communications platforms into the cloud.Clouds

1) No maintenance.

A business that adopts cloud-based communications need not worry about shelling out for maintenance contracts or new software. Typically, cloud communications services are billed on a monthly or yearly basis – and the fees that cloud providers charge are often all-inclusive. That’s the case with RingCentral, which includes features like call recording, voice-mail  unlimited extensions and an auto attendant on its Office plans for one flat rate. Soon, RingCentral Office customers will also have access to unlimited text messaging.

Contrast the RingCentral experience with that of a legacy PBX phone system user. PBXs require regular maintenance and adjustment, and performing simple tasks (like adding an extension or reassigning a desk phone) demands the services of a third-party technician. In addition, PBX software changes must often be purchased separately. RingCentral requires no maintenance contracts, and all software upgrades are included. There’s just one monthly per-user fee, plus the cost of a desk phone if you elect to use one.

2) Location-agnostic availability.

Cloud communications products aren’t just simpler to manage than legacy on-premise options – they’re easier to use from day to day, as well. Cloud services can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, using any device. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go.

RingCentral, for example, offers a consistent user experience across many different devices. Thanks to our Cloud Touch platform, the RingCentral interface looks the same on a PC, tablet or smartphone. RingCentral users can even send a fax from a mobile device, thanks to our CloudFax microsite.

The appeal of solutions which work from anywhere is hard to deny, with more and more business being conducted outside the strictures of 9-5 office life. If you’re looking to increase productivity and free your employees from their desks, cloud services are a natural choice.

3) Substantial cost savings.

Can you save money with the cloud? Usually, the answer is a resounding yes. We’ve found that businesses can reduce their telecom outlays significantly when switching from a PBX to RingCentral. Over the course of one or more years, that can add up to thousands of dollars in savings – money  can be diverted towards improving inventory, hiring more salespeople or expanding into new markets.

For a real-life example of the savings that can accrue by migrating to a cloud communications provider, look to Ethical Management Solutions. The California-based debt settlement firm slashed its telecom spending by 90 percent when it switched to a cloud phone system. And, company IT director Ben Brown says, it’s getting “far greater service” with RingCentral than it had with its old PBX system.

With so many compelling benefits, the real question to ask is: Why not switch to a cloud phone system?

Featured image courtesy of: swisscan via photopin cc.

Originally published Jan 16, 2013, updated May 27, 2021

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