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Engineering Firm ProTeck Technologies Expands Its Reach With RingCentral

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ProTeck logo RingCentral customer Ivan Beaulieu describes himself as a “former retired banker” who left retirement upon seeing a potential business opportunity. Ivan’s hunch turned out to be correct: it led to his current, highly successful venture, ProTeck Technologies.

ProTeck came into existence, Ivan told us in a recent conversation, because of a whole lot of snow. After seeing how much snow was falling on his and his neighbors’ houses – and balking at the cost of having it professionally removed – Ivan began to wonder whether there was a better way of keeping roofs snow-free.

“I was getting snow-removal quotes of $1,800, $1,900, even $2,200,” he said. “It was just amazing to me that it would cost that much to get snow off my roof after a single storm.”

Ivan, who lives in central Massachusetts, started doing some market research. He saw many contractors offering snow-removal services, but there weren’t any products available to prevent snow from accumulating on rooftops in the first place.

So Ivan started coordinating with engineers in the U.S., India and China to design a system that would safely keep roofs snow-free. The system they devised uses an environmentally friendly chemical solution to melt snow and ice; it can be sprayed onto rooftops before snow even starts accumulating.

ProTeck has since expanded its product line – and, Ivan reported, it’s launching into new markets, as well. RingCentral is proving invaluable in that process.

“One of the things RingCentral did is allow us to set up multiple locations in multiple states,” Ivan said. “We could target areas that received the type of snow that would generate sales.”

ProTeck founder Ivan Beaulieu

Because consumers often prefer to work with local businesses, Ivan greatly appreciates the fact that RingCentral lets ProTeck set up local numbers around the country. “The local numbers have really made a difference in sales. Plus, they give us a much larger presence,” he indicated.

ProTeck has big growth plans on the horizon, having recently introduced an energy-saving roof-cooling system. As the company expands, RingCentral will be an instrumental piece of its toolkit.

“RingCentral allows us to expand our presence at a cost that is affordable,” Ivan said. “It’s really making us more accessible.”

Originally published Jan 21, 2013, updated Sep 01, 2021

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