MAX: Handle all customer communications channels
from one consolidated interface.

RingCentral Contact Center’s MAX (My Agent eXperience™) gives your agents a single virtual desktop to interact with customers across all channels, including:


Social Media


This intuitive, dynamic web-based tool provides your agents with the information they need, right when they need it. MAX displays customer CRM details and other caller information on agents’ screens, offering computer telephony integration (CTI) screen pops to reduce call-handling times and enhance your customers’ call experience.

With MAX, you can:

  • Consolidate customer interactions for agents across all communications channels.
  • Simplify onboarding and reduce training costs.
  • Give agents access to customer data synchronized with each routed interaction.
  • Allow agents to manage their own performance in real time.
  • Increase customer satisfaction via more efficient contact handling.
  • Ensure agents only use the channels for which they are qualified.

Personal Connection: Improve outbound customer connections.

With Personal Connection™, your customers will never hear a delay again. This outbound solution not only eliminates awkward delays when greeting callers, but increases productivity as agents make multiple predictive calls. Agents are connected at the first hello, which paves the way to better outcomes, higher conversion rates, and increased revenues.

  • Customers never silently wait for an agent to answer.
  • Higher agent productivity with predictive dialing.
  • Maintain compliance with government regulations.
  • Customize calling campaigns.
  • Intelligent call suppression.
  • Proactive XS synchronizes external systems.