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How To Write an eBook for Your Business in 1 Day


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ebookIt seems impossible, right? An eBook is essentially a book that is completely electronic. How is it possible to write a whole book in one day? There are many methods that business owners can utilize to gather content for a beautifully crafted eBook.

Remember in last week’s post we talked about the importance of giving something away for free in order to build a list of names and E-mails of potential clients. Giving away a free eBook is the perfect way to do this. Now we are going to talk about creating that eBook, and making a link to give to customers.

Note, you don’t have to be a good writer to compose an eBook. Using perfectly legal and acceptable methods, I will show you how to compile enough information to write a successful eBook in just three easy steps:

1.  Find content on websites that are “public domain”

Anything that is deemed “public domain content” is open to anyone to use on any publication. That means that you can even legally put your name on an article you haven’t actually written yourself! Public domain content is a very convenient way to compile information for your eBook and get your campaign for your brand going.

Go to Google and type in your business topic followed by the words “public domain.” For example, if your online business is selling phone systems in the cloud; look up “cloud computing phone systems public domain.” You will find a ton of articles that you can then put straight into your eBook.

2. Copy and Paste Useful Information into a Word document

Open a word document and copy paste statistics, research studies, and useful information on the topic you have chosen. Note that in this eBook you should not be selling anything yet. Potential customers will pick up on a sales pitch immediately and find your eBook to be unreliable. The goal is to build trust so that you can build up a clientele that is both loyal and dependent on the information you provide.

3. Add appropriate fonts, colors, and images

Colors like red assert urgency in your book, and you should use it to emphasize important parts. For example, you might use a red font for a sentence like: “If these symptoms persist consult a physician.” You might also want to consider using beautiful and appropriate fonts. Personally, I like Helvetica and Georgia. And just like public domain articles, there are also public domain images. Find some appropriate images to scatter throughout your eBook to keep it interesting. If you have the budget, you can also start a Shutterstock subscription for more access to thousands of different images.

Don’t forget to find an image for your cover. You want it to be appropriate to the theme of your ebook. You might also consider using your logo as the cover photo. Put the title in size 48 font or larger. Making the title red as well is a good way to capture the attention of the reader.

It’s just that easy!

Your eBook should be anywhere from 10-20 pages by the time you’re done; and don’t forget to save it as a PDF for easy social sharing! You can also check out these 5 great templates to help you get started today! Come back next week for tips on how to use your newly created eBook to your advantage o your website.


Originally published Jun 09, 2014, updated Aug 21, 2020

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