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Why compliance teams must try RingCentral for Smarsh


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It seems like just yesterday that our primary modes of communication at work were email and phone. Yet, with the technology we have today, those tools seem like relics of a bygone era. 

From team messaging and video conferencing to smartphones and social media, we’ve seen a proliferation of multi-modal communications in the past decade. How employees and customers communicate has completely transformed—all in a very good way. 

With the transformation, however, comes the need for organizations to remain compliant, especially as teams increasingly rely upon cloud-based communications. That’s where RingCentral and Smarsh come in.

RingCentral for Smarsh

RingCentral for Smarsh is a business app that streamlines communications data archiving. The app integrates RingCentral messaging and SMS logs directly into Smarsh, making it easy for organizations to meet recordkeeping and regulatory requirements. 

Here are just a few reasons IT administrators should use RingCentral for Smarsh, and a sneak peek at what’s coming:

1. Easily search and audit

Compliance teams and administrators can easily search through RingCentral app data using people and keywords, including images, videos, and other attachments sent. Admins can search through direct, group, and team communications.

With easy-to-search functionality and direct integration with RingCentral, users can spend less time exporting and digging through data and more time on other tasks.

2. Compliance in the cloud

Data captures remain fully compliant and preserve the chain of custody, ensuring that all data is fully secure.

RingCentral for Smarsh
Integrate RingCentral with your Smarsh account for seamless recordkeeping and communications compliance.

Now with fax and voicemail capture

For various industries, auditors might want deeper insights into company communications. If team messaging and SMS archiving isn’t enough, RingCentral for Smarsh now has the ability to archive fax and voicemail communications as well.

Users can view all faxes and voicemails sent and received by any RingCentral accounts in the organization.

Originally published Oct 15, 2020, updated Dec 30, 2022

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