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RingCentral for Smarsh Beta
RingCentral for Smarsh Beta
by RingCentral

Remain compliant in the cloud with automatic data archival into Smarsh

RingCentral for Smarsh

RingCentral for Smarsh allows users to seamlessly archive their RingCentral app message and SMS data to Smarsh via RingCentral Archiver. Firms and businesses that have compliance, open record requests and other requirements can now leverage RingCentral for Smarsh while meeting recordkeeping and regulatory needs. RingCentral for Smarsh enables users to manage their RingCentral app message, SMS, fax, and voicemail data while remaining compliant and productive in the cloud.


Easily search and audit:

  • RingCentral app message data including people and keywords, with the ability to filter by date and time
  • SMS/MMS data and its contents
  • Call recordings
  • Fax data and its contents
  • Voicemails
  • Images, videos, and other attachments sent in a message
  • Special characters and emoticons 

Drill into message data results with the ability to view direct, group, and team communications.

Store RingCentral data in Smarsh for as long as necessary and export it in multiple formats.


Streamlined workflows

With Smarsh and RingCentral connected, users can easily utilize ready to search message data directly from within Smarsh so your team can focus on daily business needs instead of lengthy data searches.

Seamless integration with Smarsh

Smarsh’s data captures remain fully compliant, preserving the chain of custody and identifying users across message touchpoints, so your team can audit with ease knowing the data is secure.

Original release date: 2020-01-24


  • Must be the Admin of the RingCentral account
  • Must have access to RingCentral editions Premium and above
  • RingCentral for Smarsh is a beta integration
  • Latest update: 12/9/20