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What you missed: 4 key moments from this year’s Enterprise Connect

RingCentral at Enterprise Connect


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Did you miss the 2022 Enterprise Connect conference? Do you wish you could’ve been there to experience the great energy and engaging booths? Do you want to know what RingCentral’s COO is referring to when he says, “We’re seeing a convergence of trends that we know is going to fundamentally change how we communicate, collaborate, and get things done.”? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, we have you covered.

Discover some of RingCentral’s highlights and notable moments from this year’s Enterprise Connect.

CMO Jaya Kumar says hybrid work is ‘the great pivot’

RingCentral’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jaya Kumar, opened our 30-minute keynote session by stating that his and his team’s goal for Enterprise Connect is “to be the amplifier of the voice of each customer in the room.”

He continued by sharing the overarching request he’s heard from RingCentral customers: get rid of the pain points within hybrid work.

Jaya wants to see a hybrid work environment in which team members’ technology is consistent—regardless of where they log in from. He’s concerned that when people go back to the office, they’ll feel like their systems and user interface (UI) are outdated. This potential pain point led him to the question he knew RingCentral needed to answer: “How do we make hybrid simple?”

CIO Kira Makagon explains 3 steps to making hybrid simple

Our Chief Innovation Officer, Kira Makagon, talked about how simple communication requires your UCaaS products to be user-friendly, as frictionless as possible, and provide a great experience for all involved.

Kira explained that there are three product qualities RingCentral is focusing on with regard to hybrid simplicity.

Radical mobility

Radical mobility is one of the most important factors in RingCentral’s aim to help you prepare your business for the hybrid workforce. Radical mobility means enabling people to connect and communicate on any device, anywhere, at any time.

Tools for smarter meetings

Kira walked attendees through a few RingCentral tools that make it easy for a hybrid workforce to collaborate.

  • Whiteboard experience: Allows team members to write and ideate directly within a meeting without having to switch apps.
  • Native collaboration notes: Lets all users take notes within the meeting and save them for later reference.
  • Advanced meeting insights: Leverages deep AI capabilities to generate meeting summaries with keywords, highlights, and transcripts.
  • Webinars: Empowers any user to create and run a webinar. RingCentral Webinars make it easy to host up to 10,000 participants.

Next-generation business analytics

Business managers need visibility into how their companies are performing—especially in a hybrid workforce. Kira shared that RingCentral is excited to introduce our next generation of business analytics to empower line of business managers. She says these analytics will be users’ “control center” for making informed decisions.

COO Mo Katibeh details ‘the future of work’

Our Chief Operating Officer, Mo Katibeh, wrapped up RingCentral’s presentation by talking about three major business trends on the horizon. Mo revealed that these “macro” trends are going to “fundamentally change” how teams communicate, collaborate, and do business.

Generational shift

A new generation—Gen Z—is entering the workforce. Mo explained that Gen Z is more technologically advanced than any generation before them, and they expect an “always-on” multimodal life—which they’re also going to expect at work.

Low-latency paradigm

Mo shared that as multi-gig fiber, 5G, and edge computing become more ubiquitous, businesses can create next-gen applications that “can be consumed as fast as your mind can process reality.”

Technology convergence

Mo explained that RingCentral is already embedding AI into everything we do. Technological convergence means real-time information delivered to you as part of your workflow, empowering every employee to be consumer-facing.

The RingCentral booth shows attendees what’s in store for UCaaS and CCaaS

RingCentral demonstrated several products, tools, and features that can help our customers find more UCaaS and CCaaS success during this pivotal time in the workforce.


5 features coming to the new age of voice

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Ashima Bhatt, discussed industry trends in the cloud PBX (private branch exchange) market and how RingCentral is a leader in cloud voice innovations.


5 things you need for the perfect home office setup

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Jeff Boggess, examined how companies can design their hybrid office with quality connection in mind and the integrated hardware configurations available to do so.

The secret to working with global teams

Severine Hierso and Laura Mills discussed managing an expanding global workforce and how can communications platforms like RingCentral help global workforces/global teams achieve a sense of equity.

5 features coming to RingCentral Video

When it comes to replicating the experience of being in an office with colleagues, there’s no better alternative than video meetings. In this demo, VP of Product Management, Arindam Chakraborty, and Senior Director of Product Marketing, William Lau, discussed how to make them smarter.

5 integrations that will change how you work forever

Jeff Rogers demonstrated how our integrations—open APIs and an app gallery—enhance users’ everyday workflows.


RingCentral contact center presentations by AVP CX Product Marketing, Gayathri Krishnamurthy

Led by AVP CX Product Marketing, Gayathri Krishnamurthy and team, RingCentral ContactCenter offerings were discussed while focusing on themes of innovation and elevating the agent, and customers’, experience.

  • UCaaS and CCaaS—the dynamic duo that transforms your customer and employee experiences: How businesses can transform their employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) with embedded AI and automation capabilities.
  • Breaking the digital silo in your contact centers: How CX teams can build digital-first omnichannel solutions that exceed customer and agent satisfaction.
  • Building high-performing hybrid teams in your contact center: How to prepare agents for hybrid work and how to keep them motivated and happy with better tools and experiences.

The conference is over, but the work is just beginning

Even if you weren’t able to attend this year’s Enterprise Connect, you can still experience everything RingCentral has to offer.

RingCentral is committed to providing our customers with all the best products and services you need to make hybrid work not only work for you but propel you into a more mobile, more connected, more informed relationship with each other and with your clients. Sign up for a free demo today and discover what RingCentral can do for your business.



Originally published Apr 01, 2022, updated Nov 03, 2023

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