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RingCentral makes itself at home on Comparably’s 2022 “Best” lists.


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  • Comparably is a leading workplace culture and corporate brand reputation platform
  • Their “Best” lists are based on 15 million+ anonymous ratings across 70,000 companies 

Every year, Comparably, a leading workplace culture and compensation monitoring site in the US, recognizes companies in multiple categories — based on anonymous feedback from real employees collected over the course of the previous year. 

A challenging environment.

Comparably is one of the most used SaaS platforms for employer branding and a trusted third party site for workplace culture and compensation data. Nearly 20 different workplace culture categories are measured, from compensation, leadership, and work-life balance to professional development opportunities, and perks and benefits, using comprehensive data that takes gender, ethnicity, age, experience, title, industry, location, and education into account, 

All ratings were provided from March 2021 through March 2022, making this list especially relevant for job seekers looking for opportunities in a time of unprecedented change.

“It’s gratifying to see our people feel good about the teams they work on, about RingCentral in general, and about our outlook for the future.”

John Marlow, RingCentral's Chief Administrative Officer

Earning our place. 

The stresses of the pandemic have been particularly tough on workplace culture at technology companies, with some of the biggest names in tech taking a serious tumble over the past few years; which makes us incredibly proud to announce solid results across the board. 

Out of tens of thousands of companies surveyed, here is where RingCentral placed: 

Best Places to Work in the Bay Area – #3

Best Sales Teams – #5 

Best Global Culture – #8

Best Engineering Teams – #10

Best Operations Teams – #12

Best Company Outlook – #13

Best Marketing Teams – #17

Best Product & Design Teams – #19

Best HR Teams – #25

Culture is critical. 

Employees trust Comparably. And companies use their ratings as an internal benchmark for how their culture is perceived. For John Marlow, RingCentral’s Chief Administrative Officer, the responses RingCentral employees provide on Comparably’s yearly survey are a big deal. 

“We’re humbled to do as well as we have in as many categories as we have,” says Marlow. “We know our people are the engine that drives our success, so culture is something we’re constantly working to improve. It’s gratifying to see our people feel good about the teams they work on, about RingCentral in general, and about our outlook for the future.” 

Maintaining momentum. 

Marlow believes company culture is ultimately determined by its people. Management can set policy and provide perks, but at the end of the day, people have to feel like they share a purpose and common vision, and are working toward it together. “The Comparably recognitions that we receive each year are not about management,” says Marlow. “They are about the employees themselves. They are the ones who power our success, as well as support one another, lead one another, and make this a great place to work.  Are we satisfied with our rankings? Not completely. No matter how well we do, we know there is always room to improve. But are we gratified to do as well as we have? Absolutely.”

Originally published Apr 04, 2022

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