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What Can the RingCentral Mobile Apps Do?


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RingCentral’s mobile apps for iOS and Android devices include a ton of great features. Best of all, the apps are totally free! Just visit the App Store or the Play Store and search “RingCentral” to find the latest version of the app for your device.

What features are included in our smartphone apps?

RingCentral Fax, Professional and Office customers can:

  • Send and receive faxes
    • With RingCentral’s mobile apps, your smartphone or iPad can serve as a full-featured fax machine. And RingCentral makes your device even more powerful than a standalone fax machine – with our app, you can easily fax a document saved in your Box or Dropbox account.

20131203_191852000_iOS In addition to the above, RingCentral Professional and Office customers can:

  • Accept calls using either cell phone minutes or VoIP
    • If you have a Professional or Office plan, you can have the RingCentral system notify your smartphone app on receiving a call. Calls may be handled over VoIP, using either a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection. You can also forward calls directly to your personal cell phone – note that this option will use your cell minutes, while VoIP calls will not.

In addition to the above, RingCentral Office customers can:

  • Launch and join conferences with just a few taps 20131203_194456000_iOS
  • Place outbound calls using RingOut or VoIP
  • Send and receive Business SMS messages
  • Un-park parked calls with the *[extension number] hotkey
  • Call Intercom devices with the *85 hotkey intercom
  • Display Presence status to colleagues

Curious to learn more about RingCentral’s apps? Visit the smartphone apps section of our Support Center for videos and knowledge-base articles.

And keep an eye out for even more app features and enhancements in the months to come!

Originally published Dec 12, 2013, updated Aug 07, 2020

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