world class

What if a business could operate a telephone system rivalling that of a multinational corporation? In the past, this may have been a fantasy. But technological advances are now bringing game-changing possibilities.

First let’s tackle the actual meaning of ‘world-class’. Beneath are a number of scenarios highlighting some common limitations of traditional telephone systems in comparison with those on the cutting edge.

Traditional Capability: Telephone calls go unanswered while employees are out of the office.
World-Class Capability: Calls can be programmed to reach employees wherever they are.

Traditional Capability: If each team member has a separate number, calls go unanswered when they are unavailable.
World-Class Capability: Calls made to a busy person can be overflowed to his/her colleagues.

Traditional Capability: If lines are busy, callers are diverted straight to voicemail, where there is no guarantee they’ll leave a message.
World-Class Capability: Callers may be held in a queue and updated with pre-recorded on-hold messages.

Traditional Capability: Different company locations appear disjointed when operating under separate local numbers.
World-Class Capability: Even remote offices are connected, with each location operating under the same business number.

Traditional Capability: Complexity is introduced when a business grows.
World-Class Capability: New extensions are added to a central number as a business grows.

Traditional Capability: All calls reach the same destination.
World-Class Capability: Calls can be screened and routed to the most appropriate destination, based on the time of day, caller ID and even called number.

Historically, a “world-class” business phone system would have been out of reach for small and midsize businesses. However, with the advent of cloud telephony, companies can access enterprise-grade phone capabilities for a small monthly fee.

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