Not that long ago, extensions were tied to desk phones at the office. That meant if you were out to lunch or offsite visiting a client, the best thing your customers could do was to leave a voice message. At worst, you’d miss the call altogether.

RingCentral extensions are one of the most powerful business phone features available to you. Now, your customers can contact you wherever you are, and you can configure your extension to ring your office, mobile or home phone in any order, or simultaneously. You can even take calls, quite literally, in the cloud, using RingCentral Call Controller™ on Wi-Fi enabled flights.

Plus, you can use multiple extensions to enhance your professional image. Create extensions for sales, inventory, even customer support, and have each of these extensions point back to your number.

Your callers will never know the difference once they call your extension.  All you have to do is take the call.

To enable extensions:

  1. Log in to your RingCentral account.
  2. Click the Company Settings tab. The Extensions Summary page displays.
  3. Click an available extension under Status / Change. Otherwise, select Add Extensions. (NOTE: If you’re adding an extension that is not included in your plan, you’ll be charged $4.99 per extension every month.)
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your extensions.

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