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Transition N2 Tech: Creating Opportunities in Tech for Underrepresented Communities

RingCentral’s innovative fellowship program providing diverse community college or tech bootcamp graduates with on-the-job training, mentorship and more.


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  • The Transition N2 Tech (TN2T) program provides underrepresented graduates an opportunity to launch a career at RingCentral.
  • Meet our current TN2T fellows and learn how their unique backgrounds are adding value to the RingCentral community.

Transition N2 Tech Program

RingCentral’s Transition N2 Tech (TN2T) program is an innovative answer to the issue of equal opportunity access for underrepresented communities in technology. Our four month fellowship program provides graduates from either community college or technology boot camp with on-the-job training, mentorship, and the opportunity to become a full-time RingCentral employee. Our pilot program was launched in Fall 2021 with three fellows, all of whom were ultimately hired full-time after successfully completing the program. This year we expanded TN2T to four new fellows. We sat down with them to learn about their experience. 

Meet this year’s TN2T Fellows: 

  • Oscar Coello – Product Designer Fellow
  • Nick Andrus – Global Enterprise Engineer (GEE) Fellow
  • Mikale Mohead – Global Enterprise Engineer (GEE) Fellow
  • Dominique Kelly – Global Enterprise Engineer (GEE) Fellow

Paving a Road to a Career in Tech

Oscar, Nick, Mikale, and Dominique each possess unique career experience, ranging from military to retail to food service. For most of our fellows, a career in tech wasn’t on the horizon. That all changed when they found the Transition N2 Tech Program at RingCentral. 

Mikale Mohead 

Prior to RingCentral, I gained career experience in customer service by working at a fast food restaurant, a pool business, and in retail. While none of these experiences were directly related to tech, I was studying data in school, and was hopeful to pursue a tech career in the future. 

Nick Andrus 

After completing high school, I immediately joined the Air Force, where I served for seven years. 

I left the military in December 2020 and started attending community college to figure out which career path I wanted to pursue. During that time, I was mostly working in car shops where I learned how to detail, clean, and wax cars.

Dominique Kelly 

I worked in retail fashion for over a decade. Then, I transitioned to sales at a large tech company where I sold devices, products, and licensing. I’ve also done tech support and 

customer support. Now, as a fellow at RingCentral, I am building on my customer service skills and learning RingCentral’s processes – the fellowship has been great so far! 

Oscar Coello 

I worked in the hospitality industry for several years, but the Covid-19 shutdowns gave me time to reflect on my career goals and interests. That was when I enrolled in a software design boot camp and pivoted to UX design. 

How TN2T Supports People Trying to Break Into the Industry

We asked our fellows how the TN2T fellowship has supported their career goals of working in tech. Here is what they shared.

Mikale Mohead 

Despite my efforts, I was having trouble finding career opportunities in the tech industry and was feeling discouraged. Then, I met Tasia, the DEI Program Coordinator at RingCentral, who invited me to apply to the Transition N2 Tech fellowship program. TN2T has provided me with the necessary skills to join the tech industry. We were each given a dedicated mentor, who is available to help us any time, which has been a really helpful resource. 

Nick Andrus 

TN2T has helped me get a foot in the door. Before my fellowship at RingCentral, I was a military police officer. Besides monitoring alarms and security cameras, I had no experience in tech. Now I understand how to troubleshoot solutions and work with customers.I’ve learned a wide-range of topics which has furthered my knowledge of tech.

The Value of Knowledge, Mentorship, and Community 

It’s hard to start a career in technology without previous experience. And it’s even harder if you don’t know anyone in your family or community who can offer guidance. That’s why having a mentor is really mission critical. Our fellows believe their mentors are the X factor in ensuring their success. 

Dominique Kelly

In the past, I’ve always wanted to do things myself, so finding a career mentor never really crossed my mind. Now that I have a mentor, I can attest that mentorship is an amazing resource. My mentor helps me with everything!

Nick Andrus 

At the start of my fellowship, I found myself wanting to be independent. But now, I message my mentor with different questions every day! Instead of trying to ‘wing it’ myself, my mentor helps me learn how to do something the right way. It is very helpful!

Inclusive Career Opportunities 

We asked our fellows why it’s important for employers to recruit and retain diverse individuals who may not have a background in tech or a traditional education experience. Here’s what they had to say. 

Oscar Coello

Diversity in thought and in background, is how you achieve innovation; it’s how you bring new ideas to the table and make sure everyone feels heard.

Dominique Kelly 

Oscar could not have said it any better; People who come from different backgrounds can add value to a company. It’s important to think outside of the box. 

Oscar, Nick, Mikale, and Dominique thank you for being a part of the Transition N2 Tech fellowship program at RingCentral. We value your curiosity, tenacity, and determination to launch a career in our industry. Your contributions make our culture more diverse, inclusive, and innovative.

For anyone looking for an opportunity to grow your career while contributing to one of the most exciting stories in communication software, join us!

Originally published Dec 09, 2022

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