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Top national printing company becomes more efficient than ever thanks to RingCentral


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  • Creating efficiencies: Unifying voice, video, and SMS texting on an app employees can access anywhere is improving workflows and making the company more efficient. 
  • Enhancing service: Using RingCentral Video to show clients progress on their print jobs in real-time helps the team deliver an outstanding customer experience.
  • Enabling growth: Having an intuitive, easy-to-administer phone system means Modern Litho can expand with confidence because onboarding employees is easier than ever.

An award-winning printing company serving businesses across the US

From traditional direct mail pieces to high-end print magazines to specialty projects — including ballot printing for government elections — organizations all over the country have entrusted their most important print jobs to Modern Litho for more than 85 years.

Outgrowing their analog phone environment

Jeff Davidson, President of Modern Litho, says his growing company’s phone environment consisted for many years of traditional analog phone systems at each of the business’s five locations throughout Missouri. As Jeff explains, trying to keep his 300+ employees connected and accessible to each other using traditional phone lines was a challenge.

“You’d have to dial the full number — area code included — whenever you wanted to reach someone in another office. And sometimes you’d get that office’s receptionist, and you’d think, ‘Oh, I don’t want to bother our receptionist over this. I just need to ask someone a simple question.’”

The analog system’s complexity, Jeff adds, also made it impossible for Modern Litho to administer and adjust its own phone environment — a challenge that became more serious as the company grew. “Because there were no intuitive administrative controls, we had to call the phone company anytime we wanted to update the IVR or make other small changes.”

RingCentral Helps Modern Litho Run More Efficiently Than Ever


RingCentral provides key functionality to improve operations

When he migrated Modern Litho to the cloud-based RingCentral, Jeff was able to give his employees mobility and additional functionality that unleashed tremendous efficiencies across the organization. One of the most significant improvements, he explains, was consolidating employees’ communication tools to a single cloud platform.

“During COVID, we were using many tools and paying for them separately: our phone services, licenses for voicemail-to-email, and another vendor for video conferencing. It was costly and inefficient. With RingCentral, every employee now has all of those capabilities — plus others — on a single app they can access anywhere.” 

Additionally, Jeff says, Modern Litho’s employees have found many ways to improve their workflows and become more efficient using various features on the RingCentral platform. His sales team, for example, is getting significant value from the Call Flip feature.

“Our reps love that they can change devices mid-call — say, from their office phone to the RingCentral mobile app on their cell phone — without interrupting the call at all. That’s just one example of how RingCentral is helping to make us more mobile and flexible in how we work.”

Another feature that’s helping make the team more efficient and responsive is Voicemail to Email. “It’s so convenient to get your voicemails right in your inbox, where you can hear the recording or just read the transcript in the body of the email. We actually had some licenses for a similar service before RingCentral, but they cost a fortune, so we could only justify a few. Now everyone has this capability because it’s included with our RingCentral accounts.”

Adding even more efficiencies with RingCentral Video

Jeff points out that the company is also using the built-in RingCentral Video to improve key internal processes as well as the customer experience.

“When you’re on the phone with a customer, sometimes it’s easier to show them what you’re working on than to explain it. Now that we have RingCentral Video right on the app, we can open up a video call in real-time. That’s so powerful both for making sure we’re on the same page as our customers and for providing them a better experience.”

Running more cohesively and effectively than ever

As Jeff explains, migrating the company to RingCentral solved several business challenges simultaneously. The cloud-based unified communications solution allowed Modern Litho to streamline IT communications by replacing many incompatible tools with a single unified app, give employees the mobility they needed to stay connected no matter where they were, and empower the company to easily administer its own telephony system for the first time ever.

As a result of those new capabilities, Jeff says, Modern Litho has gained a lot more than just a better phone system. “I’m seeing the same story play out in different ways across Modern Litho: we’re all operating far more efficiently and productively since we migrated from our analog phone system to RingCentral.”

Originally published Jul 24, 2023

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