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RingCentral helps Good2Go Auto Insurance cut $100,000 from its telephony costs


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  • Saving money: Eliminating on-prem phone maintenance, telco lines, and other communication costs will save the company six figures.
  • Improving service: Increasing self-serve options through RingCentral Contact Center, such as making payments by phone, has greatly improved the customer experience.
  • Enhancing reliability: Migrating from a trouble-prone on-prem system to RingCentral has taken the company from frequent outages to none.

One of the top nontraditional auto insurers in the US

For people with less-than-stellar driving records, obtaining even the most basic auto insurance policies can be extremely expensive — and nearly impossible with many of the larger insurers. That’s why Good2Go Auto Insurance launched its business three decades ago.

Today, the company is one of the country’s leading providers of minimum-limits auto policies for drivers who have trouble qualifying for coverage from big-name insurers. And because the company makes its policies affordable and its buying process easy and painless, Good2Go Insurance is also one of the industry’s favorites.

Transitioning to remote work broke the company’s phone system

Prior to the COVID lockdowns, Good2Go Insurance’s workforce was primarily office-based — with facilities in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Florida. And although its on-prem phone system didn’t offer much functionality and required a lot of work to maintain and update, the company didn’t see an immediate need to upgrade.

But when everyone suddenly had to begin working from home, that transition quickly exposed the limits of the company’s phone infrastructure. “The old system clearly wasn’t designed to accommodate a remote team,” explains Bill Law, Director of Infrastructure for Good2Go Insurance.

“As soon as our staff started connecting to the system from home, we began experiencing frequent outages. That meant we would have company-wide phone downtime until someone drove to the office to reboot the system.”

This Insurer Cut Costs by $100,000 — While Improving its Customer Experience — with RingCentral Contact Center

RingCentral Contact Center delivers reliability and improved customer service

When Good2Go Insurance signed up for RingCentral’s cloud communications solution, Bill’s team first migrated all customer service agents to the RingCentral Contact Center platform. Being able to stay connected with customers while working remotely was a challenge for agents on the old system — and fixing that was a priority one. But as Bill explains, resolving the reliability issue was only the first of many benefits that flowed from this rollout.

“Contact Center improved our customer support operations immediately, and in several ways. The big advantage was that our agents — who were all working from home — could easily log in to their call queues from their laptops. And from an administration standpoint, RingCentral Contact Center is so intuitive and convenient that it’s also been easy to spin up call queues, update voice recordings, onboard users, and monitor performance.”

Bill adds that because RingCentral Contact Center made it easy to set up new self-serve options for callers, the customer service department was able to create another important operational improvement.

“Since we rolled out RingCentral Contact Center, the number of payments we receive by phone is way up. That speaks to the system’s efficiency and convenience for the caller — and it’s great both in terms of freeing up our agents to take more calls and improving the customer experience.”

Improving operations company-wide with RingCentral MVP

With the Contact Center implementation complete and successful, Bill’s team took the RingCentral migration company-wide — replacing the old phone system (as well as other communication services) with RingCentral MVP (Message, Video, Phone).

With the RingCentral softphone capability on their computers and mobile apps on their phones, Bill explains, all employees would now be able to connect with colleagues and customers in any format, anywhere, on any device.

“RingCentral gives our employees the ability to have video calls from their computers and smartphones. It also gives them the messaging capability for quick notes and questions — and all on the same app they’re using for their phone calls. Our staff is getting so much use out of these new communication tools.”

Lowering telephony costs significantly

Moving the company’s phone infrastructure to the cloud-based RingCentral also let Good2Go Insurance eliminate the expenses of maintaining an on-prem phone system, such as third-party maintenance and telephone lines.

And because RingCentral offers so many communication services in a unified platform — phone, messaging, video, fax, IVR management — Bill’s team was able to eliminate many costs that the company was paying to other vendors. The result, he explains, has been a tremendous reduction in telephony spend.

“We were spending about $30,000 a month on phone lines alone, plus $30,000 a year to maintain our on-prem system, while also paying other vendors for services like messaging and faxing. With RingCentral as our all-in-one solution, all of those expenses go away. And I’d estimate that our overall spend is down by at least 40%.”

Originally published Jan 16, 2023

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