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To Your CRM and Beyond! Why You Should Be Enriching Your Applications With Customer Communications.

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Apr 05, 2017

The customer is the heart of every business, making tools which enable efficient, and effective, communication with them paramount for success. Here at RingCentral we are thrilled to be working with Workato to witness how our open APIs will improve the customer outcomes for customers of our own.  

All employees at a company have a phone on their physical desk, but not all employees use the same software on their computer desktops. A single customer interaction via voice, text, or chat, is data that could bring rich perspectives within each of those varied applications. Direct integrations between communications providers and CRM quickly became the norm, but the data stopped there. By working with Workato, customer interactions move beyond the CRM. Reflecting on how greatly sales performance increased from just direct CRM integrations, imagine the overall corporate performance improvements when customer interactions are populated within the tools of all business units!

It is also important to be able to display the multiple ways a customer may choose to communicate with your company within a single application. If your customer’s preferred communication channel is SMS, but your sales team is only equipped with the ability to call, sales opportunities are being unknowingly missed by not being able to communicate with them in the methods they desire. Since RingCentral is a Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) provider, we’ve built APIs for each of the ways your customer could choose to interact with you. Their availability in Workato makes all customer communications available across all your applications.

Communication tools are used by all, but in highly varied ways. Even though the entire enterprise uses RingCentral and Workato, users will achieve greater productivity because the systems working together facilitate unique workflows each employee desires on an individual basis. Our customers are empowered more than ever as RingCentral’s all-inclusive pricing model makes our rich feature-set is available to every user, and now paired with Workato, they don’t have to rely on a developer to build their customized workflows.

Open platforms, not proprietary software systems, are the technologies enabling the greatest successes. RingCentral’s decision over two years ago to open our Connect Platform™ to customers and partners was made with this understanding. It was a forward-thinking move among other UCaaS providers whose focus lay solely in creating direct integrations for CRM systems, built solely in-house.

Yes, companies choose RingCentral and Workato because they want visionary providers whom they can trust with the current, and future, success of their business. Most importantly, however, is that together we give our customers tools to achieve whatever vision they have for themselves.

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