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Three elements. One vision

For Head of International Sales & Strategic Partnerships Jeremy Butt, RingCentral’s go-to-market strategy starts with a singular vision.

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When innovation and growth hit a single industry as fast and hard as the last few years hit RingCentral’s, a unique challenge and opportunity arose: The higher we raise the bar from a technology standpoint, the more our customers expect from us. For Head of International Sales & Strategic Partnerships, that’s a good opportunity to have

“When customers actually see what we can do for their businesses, expectations naturally go up. What matters at that point is your ability to deliver on them. That’s an area where, if you don’t have the fundamental strength, you can’t keep up. Looking at RingCentral, the core platform really spoke to me. Not only were we born in the cloud, but there was an amazing amount of strategic forethought on how to “invite people to the party.” We’re built for growth. We’ve got a great core architecture that’s also built to encapsulate APIs, which creates opportunity for a really expansive ecosystem.” 


The Three P’s

As RingCentral builds its brand internationally, Butt believes there are three elements to a successful go-to-market strategy, and that RingCentral is building strength in all three—which signals opportunity across the board.

“I’ve always believed successful growth requires a great product, great people and great partners. And I think RingCentral has all three elements. This is a team sport. As a company, we have to deliver a whole array of capable functions, because we are delivering a complete experience to the customer. We need every component working together. Today, I think those components are in place – which makes now an exciting time to be here. “


Difference makers 

A platform is important. So are prestigious partnerships. But at the end of the day, Butt thinks people are the critical element – and that culture gives RingCentral an edge.

“There’s a collective feeling (here) that we can always do better. And I think that’s a fantastic thing, to constantly test things and ask ourselves, “Can we do something better? Or differently?” Just as importantly, we constantly ask ourselves, “When we do find things that work, can we repeat it as many times as possible as fast as possible, at scale?” People at RingCentral see a lot of opportunity and put a healthy amount of pressure on themselves to get in front of that. That’s special. But I think it comes from a real belief that this is a place where people believe they can make a difference.”


Originally published Aug 17, 2021, updated Aug 19, 2021

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