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New Director of Executive Recruiting Daniel Tierney on his return to RingCentral

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Executive recruiters know their company’s story inside and out. Every element of an organization’s culture, benefits and business plan must be understood on a DNA level, then shared with prospective new hires in a way that’s both factually correct and spiritually inspiring. For most recruiters, it’s a learning experience. For some, it’s more personal. We chatted with our new Director Of Executive Recruiting Daniel Tierney on why he left RingCentral for Zoom, and what brought him back. 


Opportunity everywhere

Daniel had been with RingCentral for around six years, and thought he’d see what other opportunities that experience would lead to.

“I love the (Unified Communications As A Service) UCaaS space. I was at Palo Alto Networks for a little bit, but then an opportunity came up (at Zoom) to be in a leadership role. I helped build out their Security team from around 10-20 people to around 200 during a period of explosive growth. It’s an amazing company: great people, and a great culture. It was just the right place, right time scenario and a great opportunity to help lead them through the pandemic.” 


Home sweet home

When opportunity knocked again here at RingCentral, Tierney was quick to answer. 

“I have so many friends (at RingCentral,) it was an easy decision to come back. Plus, the opportunity to be in a leadership role where I can affect change really made a difference. Ultimately, what was critical for me was RingCentral’s upside from a technology and growth perspective.” 


Seeing the future

There is no shortage of opportunities in the UCaaS space. So what makes RingCentral such an attractive long-term play?

“RingCentral has outstanding infrastructure and major, consistent hyper-growth, as opposed to the explosive, pandemic-derived growth other companies experienced. I think we have real room to grow as an organization in terms of technology, and of course that translates to a solid stock perspective as well. I think we have some avenues that we can explore that are a little more advantageous to us going forward.”


Integration situation

Video conferencing is, obviously an important part of any company’s UCaaS portfolio. But RingCentral’s broader, more holistic approach to unified communications is what really caught Tierney’s attention.

“It’s a combination of innovation and existing integration that really works for me. Our stock price would be where it is even if the pandemic had never happened. Not everyone can say that. We’ve got 20 plus years of infrastructure experience. We’ve got 20 plus years of knowledge and expertise in this UCaaS space. We have some amazing technology and ideas in the pipeline that I think will be game-changers.Really, the one thing we’re missing is — actually letting people know what’s happening here.”


Tallying the score

Observing the market, the competition, the product pipeline and the future roadmap led Tierney to a single conclusion – RingCentral is where the opportunity lies. And that’s a compelling message recruiters can use to source top talent. 

“I’ve always been excited about what RingCentral has been doing, that’s why we’ve been in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for years. We were number one in the phone space. We have RingCentral MVP coming out. We’ve got the “three P’s”: people, partners and performance. We have 20 years of infrastructure that we’ve built. And we’ve got innovative technology in the pipeline that I think will improve the overall experience and our own bottom line. Add all that up and you’ve got a company that’s certainly attractive to me, and I’m sure it will be attractive to candidates as well.”


Originally published Aug 19, 2021, updated Sep 23, 2021

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