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This leading international CPA firm uses RingCentral integrations with Microsoft Teams, HubSpot, and Okta to power its global expansion


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  • Streamlining workflows: By integrating RingCentral’s telephony capability into staff’s workflow apps, H&CO estimates it is saving its 500 employees several hours each day.
  • Lowering costs: By consolidating its global telephony relationships to one partner and eliminating on-prem hardware, the company is saving as much as $3,000 per month.
  • Accelerating growth: Because RingCentral makes it easy to centrally manage H&CO’s global telephony environment, the solution is helping speed the company’s expansion.

A Top 300 US-based Accounting Firm 

When they need a trusted team of expert advisors for complex accounting and tax-related issues, businesses and investors around the world turn to the experts at H&CO.

Today, the highly knowledgeable professionals at H&CO serve 15,000 clients in more than 30 countries. The company’s client roster and revenue have grown so much, in fact, that INSIDE Public Accounting has named H&CO one of the country’s “Top 200” largest public accounting companies in the United States.

Integrating RingCentral with Microsoft Teams, HubSpot, and other apps is helping this leading cpa firm accelerate its global expansion

International expansion underscored the need for a global telephony partner 

Julian Gil Barrientos, IT Consultant for H&CO, explains that in recent years the Florida-based company has acquired several businesses throughout Latin America and added new locations of its own across the region. With new subsidiaries joining H&CO’s global corporate family, Julian explains, the company needed a single, centrally managed telephony solution. 

“We were setting up offices in Chile, Columbia, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, and several locations in Brazil. We didn’t want to have one telecom provider in Central America, another in South America, and a third in the US. That would’ve created problems connecting coworkers in different countries. It also would’ve made it more difficult for our clients to reach the right people. And it would’ve cost more.”

With the cloud-based RingCentral Global MVP, H&CO found the ideal telephony solution to unite the company’s international offices and support its continued expansion. As Julian explains, “Being able to bring new teams into our global telephony environment—without having to travel to those offices—helps us make new business units productive more quickly. RingCentral is definitely contributing to H&CO’s global growth.”

A RingCentral integration provides further help during the lockdowns

When the 2020 COVID quarantines forced H&CO’s global workforce home, Julian explains, his team faced a new challenge. The company’s heavy use of Microsoft 365 made Microsoft Teams the logical platform for remote team messaging and file sharing. But Teams did not offer the global telephony capabilities H&CO’s international staff needed, and Julian did not want to ask employees to alternate between two communications apps all day.

The solution, he discovered, was already in the RingCentral suite: RingCentral Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams.

“The Direct Routing integration allowed us to place and receive business calls through RingCentral right in our Teams environment, using the native Teams dialer. When RingCentral’s Professional Services team set that up for us, we were able to give all our employees worldwide a single cloud communication platform for everything, including telephony.” 

Finding more workflow improvements in the RingCentral App Gallery

Since rolling out the Direct Routing integration, Julian and his team have found more ways to streamline employees’ workflows with other RingCentral integrations—including an enormously beneficial integration for H&CO’s sales professionals. 

“We use HubSpot as our global CRM, and the RingCentral integration gave us so many workflow improvements,” he says. “First, our account managers, client relations managers, and other teams now have a RingCentral phone widget in their HubSpot environment, so they can dial out without having to leave the app. Also, RingCentral automatically creates a log of each call and syncs it in HubSpot, so the rep doesn’t have to manually enter that data each time.” 

They found yet another way to increase efficiency with a RingCentral integration for faster user authentication. “We discovered the RingCentral for Okta integration in the RingCentral app gallery, and we’ve deployed it across the company for single sign-on. It’s just one of several RingCentral integrations that are helping us remove extra steps and hassles in our employees’ daily workflows, which we estimate saves them at least a couple of hours each day.”

Saving thousands of dollars on telephony costs

Finally, Julian points out, RingCentral has led to numerous cost-savings opportunities. “Moving to RingCentral Global MVP allowed us to consolidate several communication services. Also, as we hire new people around the world—which we’re doing a lot these days—we no longer need to buy them desk phones. And because we now have one partner for worldwide telephony, we don’t have to sign up for costly business phone service with local or regional carriers anymore.”

He concludes: “Based on all the cost-saving benefits of moving to RingCentral… including consolidating our telephony relationships to a single partner and eliminating the need for phone hardware… I’d estimate RingCentral is saving H&CO $2,000 to $3,000 each month. That’s just one more reason we’re thrilled that we made this move.”

Originally published Mar 09, 2022

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