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The Hottest Trends In Mobile App Design For 2022


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Gone are the days when you had to use a website to access some company’s products and services. Mobile apps have revolutionized the whole internet experience. Most companies, online stores, enterprises, learning institutions, financial institutions, organizations, and other enterprises have diversified into mobile apps.

People nowadays prefer accessing services through an app rather than having to browse the internet. A big percentage of the world’s population owns smartphones due to their affordability. 

Therefore, as a company, you ought to invest in getting a great mobile app design. It will help grow your business. 

What are you waiting for? There are many remote mobile app specialists on the market that can help to make this a reality. 

The question of “how much does it cost to design an application?” should not linger in your mind.  However, let’s first focus on the hottest trends in mobile app design for 2022, why to invest in mobile designs, and why UI trends are significant in business prosperity.

Why Invest In Mobile Design? 

There are a couple of reasons why you need to invest in professional mobile app design.

1. It Leads To Customer Satisfaction

For starters, an appealing UI leads to customer satisfaction. As much as people use apps to get certain services and products, an appealing design can make the customer browse the app more. If you want your customers to always have an excellent experience with you, you need to make sure to implement a good mobile responsive design. This will also affect how users go from your website to the mobile.

2. Easy Tracking Of App Traffic.

With a good mobile app design, it will be easier to track the app traffic. It will make it easier to know which products customers prefer most. When there is a drastic traffic drop, you can restrategize on how best to attract customers. 

3. Build Your Brand.

A good mobile appt can help your brand to stand out. People easily get attracted by what they see. Therefore, if you invest in a good mobile design, the higher the chancethat people will remember your company. 

4. Popularity Of Apps

According to BBC reports, people spend an average of 4.8 hours a day on their phones. A big percentage of the screen time is not normally job-related, but leisure-related. In 2021, there were over 230miilion mobile app downloads, which shows how much people are embracing mobile apps. This is the best strategy to scale up and make your customers happy.

Why Are UI Trends Significant?

A lot of people get attracted through visuals. If the app is too complicated to use, they will end up deleting it without a second thought. Whether you are a designer or own your own business, knowing the UI trends is essential for your target audience. 

The app’s design is the key to impressing a user. How they use it will make them decide whether to proceed or not? That’s why “up-to-date” designs are most preferred. No matter the functionality of your app, if it is hard to navigate or has an outdated appearance – people will simply leave.

How many times have you heard about a hyped app, downloaded it, and wished you had known about it before? A couple of times, right? Why? My guess is; that it had great UI, met your expectations, and was easy to navigate.

It’s important that before you proceed with launching your app or website, to do some UX testing on it with a user experience testing software to see if it’s easy to use and intuitive for your leads.

Before you check what app design costs and decide to have an app with specific functions, check out the latest trends. Let’s dive into impressive mobile app trends to follow in 2022.

Top 8 Mobile App Design Trends To Follow In 2022

Certain mobile app design trends have gained popularity over time:

1. Split Screen Design

Its relevance has increased over time. A split-screen works best if there are two types of information a user needs to obtain simultaneously. Ideally, it features one screen with two different interfaces. This method allows you to see two separate views and then switch between the two. 

Split-screen helps to draw the user’s attention, play with contrast, and offer an unconventional format. In the case of mobile apps, the panels can be stacked to fit the screen well. It also allows an unlimited number of design options. When you settle to use the split-screen design pair vibrant colors with dramatic typography. This contrast enhances the text content. 

Furthermore, the split-screen design draws the user’s attention to the call-to-action button. Thereby, your message will be relayed immediately. “Think of the screen as a card and customize based on that”. You can also use animation to encourage the users to act. 

2. Voice Interactions

The latest UI trends also promote the use of voice interactions in mobile apps. People are widely using Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant to perform actions.  However, if you decide to integrate voice interactions into the mobile app, make it optional to prevent causing discomfort to some people. The voice user interfaces are competing with touch user interfaces. 

Conversation artificial intelligence has also come in handy for people with special needs. Performing voice searches tends to be three times faster than typing. They are also more convenient and multilingual.  

Communication is key, and that’s why even when dealing with customers in phone calls, there is a need to know how to capture their attention.

4. Design For People With Disabilities

While designing any mobile app or website, always keep accessibility in mind. You should ensure that even impaired users can interact with the app. 

You should use alternative text for images for the sake of those with visual impairment. Also, create image maps and encode information with relative text size. 

While designing, ensure the app elements don’t require too much tapping. People with diabilities are a valuable customer baseand should not be ignored. 

5. Chatbots And Conversational Design

The use of chatbots eases communication between the user and you business. No one likes getting stuck when using an app or website. People are impatient and if they don’t get an immediate response, can just leave like that. 

  • The chatbot should provide responses that are based on facts and truth. 
  • The chatbot should provide sufficient information to meet the user’s goal.
  • It shouldn’t provide an irrelevant response. You can consider having a “talk to agent” option or “input your email for a later response”. It can be a unique question that needs clarity. 
  • The answers should be clear, brief, and orderly. 

The two conversation options are service conversation and sales conversation. In the service conversation, a user seeks help from the bot whereas, in the sales conversation, the bot convinces the user to do something; let’s say fill out a form, leave feedback, etc.

6. Futuristic Color

A futuristic color can be termed as one based on media and visuals we have absorbed. Like something that we have envisioned.  

When it comes to choosing colors for the mobile app, a lot has to be considered. The app needs to stand out and be easy to recall. The futuristic combinations are becoming more popular than ever. 

Designers use color and contrast to improve the user experience. A bright palette also opens up to creativity. Futuristic colors drive attention to the important parts of the design. They stand out more than neutral designs.  

Some trends to consider are monochromatic designs, dark mode to reduce eye strain, nature-inspired colors, vintage colors, and bright unique colors. 

7. Animated Effects

Animations are being used widely in design. People easily get excited with animations that relate to a specific subject. Therefore, it really helps to integrate animated effects into the mobile app design. Animation makes the interface dynamic. 

You can either use animation or explanatory videos. However, for the video, ensure it is brief. 

You can make the right elements animated to attract the right audience. This will help to increase conversions. 

Not only does it apply to illustration, but also icons. You can add some extra detail to the icons and use real photos in an illustrative environment. 

If you have products and services in your app, you can also consider having an explainer video. If animations have never been your thing, you better change your perspective. They evoke the inner child in a user and add comprehensibility.

8. Transparent Elements

You can also consider having transparent elements in your mobile design. This trend can help you to achieve maximum design depth. Transparency is about seeing through any element in the design. 

Therefore, you can layer them together. It also allows your design elements to interact in interesting ways. Remember to use varying levels of transparency in your designs, and mix both transparent and opaque elements to provide contrast. 

9. Neutral Interfaces And Content-Focused Experiences

Even with all the designs and customization, the user’s attention should be glued to the content. Content-focused layouts ensure the users get the essential information first without any distraction from the design elements. 

Moreover, try to focus on removing most decorative elements to make the user pay attention to the content. In some cases, some designers use progressive disclosure. This trick only allows information to be available when a user needs it. This also helps the app integrate into other systems easily. 


If you want your mobile app to stand out, you can consider integrating these trends. The split-screen design, futuristic colors, and neutral interfaces help to provide information at a glance. Voice interactions, chatbots, and conversational designs help to boost easier communications. 

The design for people with disabilities will ensure accessibility for all. Animated effects and transparent elements can help to make the user excited about using the mobile app. 

When your app works perfectly, it will increase leads, customer conversion, and other types of business success.

Originally published Jan 26, 2022, updated Dec 30, 2022

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