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Announcing CaRING Days 2022


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Study after study shows the importance of rest in relationship to performance. But it doesn’t require a deep dive into the inner workings of the amygdala to know—we all need a break sometimes. That’s what CaRing Days are all about.

Rest. Really.

It’s a great time to tackle that home project you’ve been putting off. Or, not tackle that home project you’ve been putting off. Rest is supposed to be rest, right? Clean the attic some other day. 

Relax and give back.

CaRing Days also make great service days – a time to get out into the community and give back a little. We’ve intentionally selected this year’s CaRing Days to coincide with important awareness days, giving us all an opportunity to get involved, or at least take a moment to pause and reflect.  Here’s what we’ve chosen for the remainder of 2022:

2022 CaRing Days Schedule:

Q2: Friday, April 22 in recognition of Earth Day 


  Q3: Friday, August 19 in recognition of  World Humanitarian Day 


 Q4: Monday, October 10 in recognition of  World Mental Health Day 

Giving is CaRing

Want to put your money where your heart is? We’ve made it easy to donate to two organizations who do great work this year. Together, your donations could really make an impact on their mission. 

Sea Hugger is a wonderful organization located close to our Belmont, California headquarters – we’ve volunteered with them in the past and are honored to fundraise for them as well. Sea Hugger works hard to protect and heal the marine environment from plastic pollution through action and education to drive systemic change that addresses the root cause of the issue.

One Tree Planted is a great nonprofit focused on global reforestation.  We love the simplicity of this organization: for every dollar donated, they plant a tree where it’s needed most.  Boom. With every tree planted, One Tree Planted is restoring forests, creating habitats for biodiversity, and making a positive social impact around the world.

Cleaning is also CaRing

Want some active with your activism? Get out and clean a beach, park or neighborhood using The Ocean Conservancy’s CleanSwell app. Volunteers can register with RingCentral and collect litter around their local beaches, neighborhoods, or parks. Every piece of litter logged with the CleanSwell app helps scientists and organizations move us all a little closer to trash-free seas.


Whether you’re giving back, getting active or just relaxing and recharging, we hope you make the most of your 2022 CaRing Days — in whatever way is most meaningful to you. 

Originally published Apr 14, 2022, updated Jan 10, 2023

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