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The Changing Work Environment is a Strong Case for UCaaS Implementation


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TBI announcement Unified communications are gaining more and more ground in the enterprise market as business needs evolve and push unified communications (UC) to the cloud. UCaaS brings more flexibility, enhanced collaboration and greater responsiveness. In this blog, we will explore five things shifting UCaaS needs for the enterprise.

1) A Younger Workforce

The influx of millennials in the workplace and the desire for multi-channel communications is causing UCaaS to thrive. From messaging, team workspaces and screen sharing to video and voice, businesses need to keep the connected workforce more connected. As employees become more and more tech savvy, they want the same level of communication at work that they utilize at home. Enterprises need to be constantly up to date with unified communications in order to attract the right talent. Demands will only continue to grow with a new generation of workers.

2) Collaboration Tools

Cloud-based UC solutions help enhance collaboration between employees and improve productivity within an organization. Data can be shared instantly between employees, across departments and locations. Enterprise-level businesses value consistency throughout an organization. Having the same information accessible by all employees makes it easier for everyone to be on the same page and operate more efficiently, especially when it comes to onboarding, training, product or service launches and company updates.

3) Accessibility

As each business tries to grow their footprint and reach, UCaaS allows for greater expansion through the cloud. Cloud-based UC lets businesses remain competitive and save on costs for travel and in-person meetings, increasing accessibility and productivity. On-demand access can be available across any device. Connecting through conferencing, messaging, voice and shared workspaces helps employees work in real-time and easily update other systems without business interruptions.

4) Mobile-first Environment

The growing trend of BYOD contributes to the popularity of UCaaS in the enterprise space. Smart devices have replaced traditional computers as the primary means of business communications. Mobile devices now support UC, enabling employees to stay connected anytime, from anywhere. Employees no longer need to be tied to a desk but rather can work on-the-go. Gone are the days of enterprise favoring on-premises UC. Many recognize the demands of mobility – turning your everyday phone into your work phone, having access to desktop platforms that advance productivity and retain efficiency.

5) Video, Video, Video

Video conferencing plays a big role in how companies now conduct business and manage resources. Simple video solutions, like one touch dialing or set up, can reduce travel expenses while increasing productivity. Many enterprises find video conferencing to be an acceptable alternative to in-person meetings especially with features like multichannel capability, HD screens, advanced meeting controls and easy interoperability. Cloud-based solutions eliminate the need for complex hardware and require fewer technical components. In order to be effective, video solutions must be high quality – any lags or intermittent service disrupts productivity.

As communication needs continue to evolve, businesses will invest more into UCaaS solutions. According to Transparency Market Research Report, the global UCaaS market is expected to reach more than $37 billion by 2022. Gaining more and more ground in the enterprise market, many businesses have only scratched the surface of what’s possible with UCaaS. TBI recognizes the changing workforce dynamic and is proud to add RingCentral to our UCaaS portfolio. As an industry leader, RingCentral’s cloud communications platform offers our selling partners the opportunity to meet customers’ conferencing and collaboration demands with best in class integration and features.

Originally published Jun 13, 2016, updated Aug 11, 2020

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