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Team Player

Former NFL offensive lineman Kitt O’Brien teams up with RFriends for big gains.


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  • Business Development Representative Kitt O’Brien played guard for the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts, Cleveland Browns and Carolina Panthers from 2015-2019
  • The RFriends Referral Program rewards you for inviting your friends to sign up for the RingCentral app.

If you had the NFL on TV recently you saw a couple teams move on to the Super Bowl – but perhaps not in the way anyone expected. Which, ironically, is exactly what we should expect. The ball will always take weird bounces. The refs will always be visually challenged. Someone you never heard of will always be the hero-or-goat. The difference between victory and defeat? Teams who are ready for the moment, win. Which, indirectly, brings us to the RingCentral team.

Calling an audible

When former NFL guard (and brand-new RingCentral Business Development Representative) Kitt O’Brien’s friend said he wanted a communications solution recommendation for his new business, it was a little awkward. Typically, there would be two options: take the company line and just say “RingCentral,” or go overboard not taking the company line, and hope for the best. Thanks to the RFriends Customer Referral Program, Kitt was able to call an audible and say, “Look, I love our product, but let someone who knows it better than me show you why it’s right for you.” The result? Let Kitt tell you himself: 

Running up the score.

Now, Kitt’s friend has a communication solution he loves. Kitt is racking up points towards prizes in the RFriends program, and best of all, we get a handy football metaphor, just in time for the Super Bowl. 


We’ve all had those weird bounces – where you’re invited to a meeting on a competitor’s solution, people start complaining, and you want to sell RingCentral but not sound like a shill. With RFriends, you’ve got a full-on team at your back, ready to make big gains.

So keep making those referrals and let the specialists do their work. Everybody wins! 

(Except the Niners and Chiefs.) #ouch #toosoon

Originally published Feb 07, 2022

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